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Thermage® Eye Treatment: What Are the Benefits?

November 8, 2023



Growing older is a gift to be embraced, yet noticing the marks of time on our skin can sometimes be confronting. As the years pass, they gently etch their legacy, and the area around our eyes is not immune. Starting at 25, our skin begins to lose 1% of its essential collagen— a key protein for elasticity —annually. Add to this the effects of countless smiles and frowns, and our eyes inevitably bear the evidence of life’s passages. Fortunately, there’s a non-surgical path to decelerate this natural process! Thermage® eye treatments offer a way to age gracefully and confidently.

What is Thermage®?

The Thermage® device shares a resemblance with a laser, sporting a similar nozzle. However, instead of laser beams, it emits radio frequency waves deep into the layers of the dermis, where natural collagen is most abundant. This treatment harnesses the body’s innate responses to trigger the generation of fresh collagen, effectively restoring the skin’s elasticity.

Thanks to the versatility of its various nozzles, Thermage® can be employed to treat multiple areas, including the thighs, stomach, buttocks, arms, and, of course, the face and eyes, encompassing the upper eyelid. This transformative treatment enhances the appearance of the eyes, resulting in smoother eyelids and a more open and refreshed eye expression.

What Happens During a Session?

Requiring no downtime, Thermage® is a swift and straightforward non-invasive procedure. At the onset of the session, a temporary grid is delicately applied to the skin, serving as a guide to ensure a safe and uniform treatment. The technician carefully glides the device across the skin’s surface, releasing radio frequency pulses throughout the entire face. To enhance comfort during this process, gentle vibrations are employed. A typical session spans approximately 2 hours, and its benefits can be realized after just a single visit. Post-treatment, apart from a slightly rosy complexion, there are usually no adverse effects to be anticipated.

Over the ensuing six months, during the natural monthly collagen cycles, the skin will progressively exhibit a plumper appearance. The objective of Thermage® extends beyond merely slowing the annual collagen loss; it actively stimulates the body to produce ten times more collagen than it typically generates independently. To sustain the outcomes and thwart the effects of aging, we recommend repeating the treatment on an annual basis.

The Benefits of Thermage® Eye Treatment

The skin surrounding the eyes is up to six times thinner compared to the skin elsewhere on the face. This makes it exceptionally sensitive, fine, and prone to showing age-related changes more prominently. Thermage® treatment presents an ideal solution for both smoothing and rejuvenating your appearance, effectively reducing the appearance of wrinkles and elevating your gaze.

With over 3.3 a million Thermage® treatments conducted worldwide to date, this procedure is not only safe but also remarkably effective in combating the effects of aging. Its proven track record makes it a compelling choice for those considering a reliable and rejuvenating anti-aging solution.

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