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Thermage® eye treatment: What are the benefits?

September 16, 2016


Traitement du thermage

Aging has its advantages… but let’s face it: noticing signs of aging appear on our faces isn’t always easy. Time flies, leaving its marks on our skin, and our eyes aren’t spared. The appearance of crow’s feet, which we’ve been trying to avoid since our very first eye contour serum purchase, catches up to us all. Starting from age 25, the skin loses 1% of its collagen – a protein essential to its elasticity – every year. Combined with repeated facial contractions, our eyes become heavier and lose radiance. Fortunately, slowing this process down without resorting to surgery is possible! Thermage® eye treatment is the proof!

What is Thermage®?
The device resembles a laser, with the same type of nozzle, which instead emits radio frequency waves into the deep layers of the dermis, where the largest amount of natural collagen can be found. This treatment thus relies on the body’s natural responses to stimulate the production of new collagen, thereby giving the skin back its elasticity. Thanks to the different nozzles, several areas can be treated, such as the thighs, stomach, buttocks, arms, and – of course – the face and eyes (including the upper eyelid). The appearance of the eyes improves, the eyelid becomes smoother, and the eye opens further.

What happens during a session?
Cosmetic surgery isn’t right for everyone, and even though it’s popular, it’s currently in decline. It must be said that the side effects and the associated risks have raised their fair share of concerns. A Thermage® treatment requires no incisions or recovery. It’s carried out quickly and easily, without any specific preparation except for taking acetaminophen. At the start of the session, a temporary grid is applied to the skin to guide the technician towards a safe, consistent treatment. The technician skims the skin with the device and releases radio frequency pulses along the entire surface of the face. During this process, slight vibrations are given off to make the treatment more comfortable. A typical session lasts 2 hours, and you only need a single visit to benefit from the positive effects. Besides a slightly rosy complexion, there is no negative result after the treatment. Over the next six months, over the course of the monthly collagen cycles, the skin will gradually appear more plumped up. The goal of Thermage® is not only to slow down this infamous annual collagen loss, but also to stimulate the body to produce ten times more of it than it does on its own. We recommend repeating the treatment on an annual basis in order to maintain the results and prevent aging. The Thermage® technique can be used by anyone aged 35 to 60, regardless of skin colour.

The benefits of Thermage® eye treatment
The skin around the eyes is six times thinner than that on the face; it is therefore much finer and more fragile and vulnerable to signs of aging. Thermage® treatment is ideal for smoothing and redesigning your look while mitigating the heavy effect around the eyelids.

To date, more than a million Thermage® treatments have been carried out worldwide. Even with eyes closed, you can see that it’s a safe and effective anti-aging procedure worth considering

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