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Objective wellness: 10 actions to integrate into your daily life in 2021.

December 30, 2020

Wellbeing serie

Mature woman meditating at home

Every year, it’s the same routine: you promise yourself to lose weight, to enjoy more time for yourself or to change your bad habits completely. And a few weeks later, we often notice a drop in motivation and we find ourselves back at square one.

What if this time we do things differently ? What if we set ourselves goals for our well-being and take concrete actions to achieve them in the long term ? The key to a healthy lifestyle is consistency. This year, let’s forget about resolutions and restrictive or punitive ways of thinking. In 2021, let’s choose and adopt a positive attitude that will lead towards a lasting balance.

Because every little action counts, here are 10 ideas of healthy habits to integrate into your daily life for a global well-being.

Drink more water

Did you know that an adult should consume an average of three liters of water every day ? If you are consuming little or not enough water, try to incorporate this new habit gradually. Create reminders, such as an alert on your smartphone, to remind you to drink water every hour. You could also create a friendly competition with your co-workers to encourage each other.

Tip : consider infusing fresh fruits and herbs in your water, it will help you consume more of it !


Whether it’s in the morning, between emails or just before bedtime, taking a few minutes daily to write down your gratitudes and thoughts is a great way to incorporate more positive thoughts into your day. For many people, it is also a way to relieve stress.

Move around and get some fresh air

While our movements and activities are now very limited, more than ever, outings outside are precious. Getting fresh air should never be a burden! Whether you prefer to take walks on your lunch hour, go hiking on weekends or go skiing; the most important thing is to have fun ! Filling our lungs with fresh air, even if it’s only for a few minutes, will revitalize and energize us.

Take time to breathe

Inhale deeply for 3 seconds. Hold your breath and count to 12. Exhale in 6 seconds. Now close your eyes and repeat 3 times.

Ahhhhhhh… Feels good, doesn’t it ? Often a minute is all it takes to regain control of our thoughts and therefore our day.


Well stretched muscles lead to a healthier body and mind! In addition to playing an important role in muscle recovery, stretching helps to balance our energy and boost the body. Our recommendation for creating a lasting habit ? Stretch for 3 to 10 minutes as soon as you get out of bed to start the day on the right foot and activate your whole body !

Adopt a skin care routine

Cinq à dix minutes matin et soir pour se chouchouter ? Oui, s’il-vous-plaît ! Five to ten minutes morning and evening to pamper yourself ? Yes, please! Taking care of your skin has an immediate relaxing effect that feels good and a routine doesn’t have to be complex to be effective. We choose professional quality products for optimal long-term results. 

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To immerse in the universe of a character or an era, to let ourself be transported through the words of an author… Reading can really make us dream and help us get off the hook. Why not take the time more often this year ?

Leave the phone aside before going to bed

It’s no secret that the vast majority of people now own a smartphone and spend a lot of time with their eyes glued to their screens.

This year, try to turn off your mobile device at least thirty minutes before going to bed and, in the best of worlds, never bring it into your bedroom. This will improve the overall quality of your sleep.

Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily routine

Plus de légumes et de fruits dans son alimentation impacteront More vegetables and fruits in your diet will positively impact your mood, energy, concentration, memory, satiety and even the appearance of your skin. Preparing meals and snacks ahead of time can be a great way to increase your daily intake of good vitamins !

Creating a sleep routine

Complete and restful sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Getting a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day is essential for proper functioning ! By creating a routine and setting sleep goals, you will notice an improvement in sleep and a decrease in insomnia. 

Remember : we are human, there will always be good and bad days, the important thing will always be to listen to ourselves and keep in mind our main goal, our well-being. And the most beautiful gift we can offer ourselves is health. And then, inner wellness is reflected on the outside !

And you, what are the little gestures that add a positive touch to your day ?

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