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Celeste Begrand

Medical Director and Nurse Practitioner in Saskatoon

Celeste Begrand is a highly experienced Nurse Practitioner specializing in medical aesthetics, boasting a remarkable 15-year career. Her professional journey commenced with training at the Physician Training Centre in North Vancouver in 2009, followed by her master’s degree in 2012, which earned her the esteemed title of Nurse Practitioner. An advocate for quality care, she co-founded “Art of Aesthetic Medicine,” a training center aimed at educating medical professionals about cosmetic and medical injections. 

Celeste excels in using popular injectables, neuromodulators, and dermal fillers, offering a comprehensive range of treatments for her patients. Passionate about the art of aesthetic medicine, Celeste’s approach emphasizes natural-looking results and individualized cosmetic treatment plans. 

Known for her conservative, holistic, and gentle approach with her patients, Celeste embodies the motto “Beauty is Balance.” She actively promotes self-love and deeply appreciates the diversity of beauty.  

Her commitment to ongoing education is evident through her MD codes certification and consistent participation in cosmetic training sessions and conferences across Canada. She is an active member of esteemed associations such as the Saskatchewan Association of Nurse Practitioners, College of Registered Nurses of Saskatchewan, and the Canadian Nurses Protective Society. 


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