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Dr. Aida Owlia

Emergency Physician with a Focus on Aesthetic Medicine in Newmarket

Dr. Aida Owlia completed medical school and residency at the University of Ottawa, further completing her specialized training in Emergency Medicine at Queen’s University. She subsequently fulfilled her Aesthetic Medicine training with the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine, from where she has earned various certifications including those in advanced filler and neuromodulators as well as her board certification. Dr. Owlia’s extensive training nationally and internationally has allowed her to carefully vet the industry’s most advanced technologies and practises and thoughtfully craft her own unique approach for her patients with the highest safety profile.

With five years in the aesthetic industry, Dr. Owlia’s holistic approach to facial artistry caters to individualized needs. Her unique methodology reflects a commitment to optimal results, driven by a passion for helping patients look and feel their best.

As an emergency physician, she prioritizes safety standards in every procedure, earning trust and loyalty from a growing clientele. Dr. Owlia’s concise and compassionate approach defines her practice, ensuring each patient receives personalized care and achieves their desired outcomes.

Dr. Aida Owlia at Dermapure Newmarket (formerly Dr. Boulos Medical Spa)


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