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Dr. Alex Sasi

Family Physician with a Focus in Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Alex Sasi, MD CCFP, skillfully combines his extensive medical background with his passion for aesthetic medicine. Graduating from UBC Residency in 2013, he began his practice in family medicine. Over five years ago, Dr. Sasi delved into aesthetic medicine, achieving certification from The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. Sasi’s preferred approach with his patients reflects his dedication to achieving the best possible results. He places a strong emphasis on providing a top-notch client experience, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based techniques. His primary goal is to help patients achieve their best selves through high-quality medical aesthetic treatments.

Dr. Alex Sasi is an active member of The American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, reflecting his engagement with the aesthetic medicine community. His injection technique is guided by the principle that “less is more,” focusing on subtle yet impactful changes while adhering to MD codes for safe and effective treatments.

Dr. Alex Sasi at Dermapure Davie (Formerly Dermal Laser)


North Vancouver Lower Lonsdale Clinic


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