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Dr. Maraina Smith

Family Physician with a focus on aesthetic medicine in Cowichan

Dr. Maraina Smith is a dedicated physician specializing in medical aesthetics. Her journey in the field began with her graduation from the University of Otago Medical School in New Zealand in 2008. Dr. Smith went on to complete her Fellowship in Family Medicine in 2015 (RNZCGP), highlighting her commitment to comprehensive healthcare. After immigrating to Canada in 2015, she has been serving the Cowichan Valley community through her family medicine practice since 2018.

Dr. Smith’s educational journey is marked by her postgraduate training in Pediatrics (DCH), Women’s Health (PGdip WHs), and the achievement of her CCFP in 2023. She remains deeply committed to her professional growth, consistently pursuing both didactic and in-person training opportunities. She completed the injectables course through Dr. Dargie and continues to expand her knowledge through ongoing training sessions.

With a background in dermatology as a subspecialty and training in dermoscopy, Dr. Smith had a natural affinity for procedures involving minor surgery and injections, which were common in her family practice. Her exposure to medical aesthetics allowed her to express her artistic inclinations in a practical and procedural manner that perfectly complements her strengths.

What excites Dr. Smith about her profession is the profound privilege of building relationships with her patients. As a physician, she values the trust her patients place in her, allowing them to share their concerns and vulnerabilities. The opportunity to provide aesthetic services that enhance her patients’ self-confidence and align their external appearance with how they feel inside is an incredibly rewarding experience.


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