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Lindsay Tainsh

Registered Nurse Injector
in Fort McMurray

Meet Lindsay Tainsh, a highly experienced registered nurse whose healthcare journey spans over two decades. In 2003, Lindsay earned her RN degree from Grant MacEwan, followed by a post-RN degree in 2010 at the University of Alberta. Throughout her career, Lindsay has left her mark in various locations, including California, Yellowknife, and her hometown of Edmonton.

Lindsay’s thirst for knowledge and skill expansion brought her to the world of medical aesthetics. She completed the comprehensive Botox and Filler Certification program under the guidance of Dr. Dargie, a prominent figure in Canadian aesthetics training. Lindsay further refined her expertise through mentoring with NP Becky, an esteemed professional with three decades of experience.

In April 2022, Lindsay embarked on a new chapter in her career by joining YMM Cosmetic (now Dermapure Fort McMurray) as a full-time injector. Here, she discovered her passion for the art of medical aesthetics and excels in forging personal connections with her patients.

Lindsay’s career epitomizes her unwavering commitment to healthcare. Her extensive expertise, compassionate patient care, and enthusiasm for the art of medical aesthetics make her a valued healthcare professional and a trusted partner in helping individuals feel their best.


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