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Lyna Nguyen

Aesthetic Medicine Nurse
in Calgary Chaparral

Lyna Nguyen is a dedicated and passionate registered nurse who obtained her bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 2015. Lyna’s professional journey began at a Dermatology Clinic where she developed a deep appreciation for cosmetic skincare and injectable treatments.

Her passion prompted her to pursue expertise in cosmetic injections, gaining experience with neuromodulators, dermal fillers, PRP, and Belkyra. She has honed her skills by using a wide range of different filler brands and employing various techniques, including the renowned MD codes, to achieve optimal results for her patients. Lyna’s utmost priority is to continuously educate herself on the latest innovations in science and aesthetic medicine, ensuring her patients the best results.

Her warm and empathetic nature creates a comfortable environment, making clients feel at ease throughout their treatment journey. She personalizes her treatments based on individual needs and goals and actively listen to her clients, providing education and realistic outcomes. She is dedicated to put her patient at the center of her approach allowing her to build strong relationships based on trust.

Lyna Nguyen Aesthetic Medicine Nurse in Calgary - Chaparral


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