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Permanent hair removal for men – an emerging trend !

February 26, 2018


Men's body

You might be surprised to learn that permanent hair removal for men is one of our more popular in-clinic procedures. It’s such a well-kept secret that many are still taken aback when they see men at their local nail salon or spa. But who could blame them? After all, there’s something to be said for a well-groomed, well-put-together gentleman!

Although the reverse French manicure is considered a trend, the emergence of the well-kempt man appears to be more of a societal shift. Indeed, it is no longer deemed acceptable for men to sport a thick unibrow, unruly chest hair that peeks out from a dress shirt, or a patchwork back. While exceptions to the rule will always exist, we are definitely seeing a male trend towards the removal of excess body hair.

It could be argued that men spend more time shaving their faces (on a daily basis) than women spend shaving their legs. This daily grooming regimen inevitably leads to razor burn, breakouts, cuts, and other facial blemishing. It makes sense then that men would want to eliminate the hassle of shaving for once and for all. Laser hair removal can be performed on many different areas of the body, including those that men struggle with most when grooming and keeping things under control—areas like the face, underarms, legs, chest, back and arms. More than a good investment, laser hair removal is also a convenient way for men to feel more confident about their overall appearance.

In recent years, celebrities like David Beckham have been sporting a clean, hairless chess and back, while older gentlemen have adopted the close shave in an attempt to appear younger. It’s a clean, professional look that many agree makes a man more attractive. Although shaving, tweezing, and waxing are home remedies than can help a man maintain a hairless body, it’s difficult to avoid the bumps, rashes, and blemishes caused by skin irritation and hair regrowth.

Don’t Sweat It!

Yet another benefit that men are starting to clue in to is that laser hair removal helps reduce sweating. One of hair’s primary roles is to keep us warm. But since we no longer live in caves, nor is it acceptable to go bare-chested in public places other than the beach or pool, a little maintenance can go a long way. Excess body hair increases sweating and has become a growing concern that many men are now willing to invest time and effort to correct.

Athletes know that in addition to excessive sweating, body hair can also create resistance and cause chaffing and rashes. That’s why many Olympic swimmers and runners shave their legs and arms in an attempt to minimize resistance and increase speed. With more and more men taking up sports such as running, swimming and triathlons, laser hair removal has become a quick and convenient way to deal with this “hairy problem.”

While some men choose to grow a beard and show off some facial hair, having neck hair or a unibrow is often frowned upon. Laser hair removal is a personalized treatment that allows men to decide exactly what areas to treat, and what areas should be left untouched. However, more and more men are deciding to eliminate the hassle of shaving their facial hair by leaving just their eyebrows intact. Forget 5 o’clock shadow—these men look sharp any time of day!

The surge in male customers undergoing laser hair removal is often seen as a trend, but all indicators point to a genuine shift in behaviours that’s here to stay. Saving time, money and embarrassment while increasing comfort is not something that only women can appreciate. It’s time we let men in on the benefits of laser hair removal so they can look and feel their best, too!

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