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Photorejuvenation: the fight against spots !

October 3, 2019



For many, the arrival of Fall means dryness, dull complexion and pigment spots. For others, it’s time to think about their photorejuvenation treatment. Summer is not easy on our skin: the sun, sand, wind and fresh air are damaging. Spots and fine lines appear. We only realize this with the arrival of rainy days and cold weather. How can this be remedied? Here we give you our tips and tricks to stay glowing even amidst the gray days! The solution? Photorejuvenation!

Photorejuvenation: a kind ally

The number one enemy of the radiant complexion is definitely pigment spots. We are talking about hyperpigmentation of the skin caused by excessive exposure to the sun, hormonal variation, genetic predispositions or even skin trauma. Hyperpigmentation occurs when the body’s melanocyte cells produce excessive amounts of melanin – the brown pigment that colours the skin. It is advisable to consider photorejuvenation treatments to improve the radiance of your skin.

Preventing pigment spots

The first good practise would be to protect your skin from the sun. The application of a broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen such as FUNCTIONALAB SPF 50 mineral sunscreen can help prevent the appearance of pigment spots. By protecting the epidermis against photodamage caused by UVA and UVB rays, sunscreen provides antioxidant defense to prevent the appearance of premature skin aging.

A dull complexion can also be caused by poor blood circulation and the accumulation of dead skin. Exfoliation of the skin once or twice a week combined with the use of glycolic acid products from the EXFOLIATING protocol removes a layer of dead cells from the skin’s surface and promotes cell renewal. This helps to reduce the appearance of superficial brown spots and facilitates their removal.

Correct them with photorejuvenation

One of the most popular treatments is photorejuvenation. It is carried out using a pulsed light platform, which can reach different depths of the epidermis. Delivered by pulses, the light waves seek the contrasts of colors under the skin in order to dry out and eliminate small blood vessels and visible brown or red spots. The results appear gradually. Photorejuvenation is not compatible with the sun. We recommend that photorejuvenation treatments be continued during the less bright seasons. The treatment may be slightly uncomfortable, but does not require downtime. Another positive point for photorejuvenation!

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