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    Canada’s #1 CoolSculpting® provider

    Getting CoolSculpting treatment at Dermapure means getting treated at Canada’s #1 provider of CoolSculpting. Across our network of clinics, we have collectively performed the most CoolSculpting treatments in Canada- and with over 6 million CoolSculpting treatments performed worldwide, this treatment is proven to be a safe and effective option for permanent fat reduction.

    With over 6 millions CoolSculpting® procedures performed worldwide, it is proven to be a safe and effective treatment for fat reduction! The results are tangible and become noticeable two to six months following the procedure. They usually represent a reduction of about 27% of fatty tissue in the treated area.

    Each person is unique and may react differently to the proposed treatment. Images are for illustrative purposes only. They do not constitute a guarantee of results. Images provided by CoolSculpting®

    Before / after*

    2 sessions - 6 cycles

    Before / after*

    2 sessions - 3 cycles

    Before / after*

    2 sessions - 2 cycles

    Before / after*

    2 sessions - 4 cycles

    Before / after*

    2 sessions - 2 cycles

    Before / after*

    2 traitements - 1 cycle

    Before / after*

    2 sessions - 1 cycle

    Before / after*

    2 sessions - 2 cycles

    *Each person is unique and may react differently to the proposed treatment. Images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual results may vary.


    Treatment & technology

    traitement coolsculpting technologie
    What is the CoolSculpting® procedure? / 1:51

    Sculpt your silhouette without surgery

    CoolSculpting® is a world-renowned medical technology that lets you permanently destroy localized fat, making it easier than ever to define body contours and refine and sculpt your silhouette without surgery or downtime.

    Once your CoolSculpting® treatment is complete, optimize the results of your body sculpting with ZWave technology.

    Developed by Harvard University researchers, this unique procedure is based on a process known as cryolipolysis or destruction of fat cells through freezing. Extreme cooling causes adipocyte fat cells to crystallize, break down and get gradually eliminated through natural body processes. When the body flushes out these adipocytes, the surrounding cells that were not affected by the procedure condense, resulting in a significant reduction in the thickness of the fat layer in the treated area.

    Fat tissue is made up of fat cells that contain a large semi-liquid lipid droplet surrounded by a membrane envelope. Shrinking fat cells or liberating their content, as proposed by several other platforms currently on the market, provide only a temporary slimming effect and do not prevent fat cells from plumping up and expanding again.

    CoolSculpting® is a revolutionary technology that outperforms the competition. It actually reduces the number of fat cells in the treated area through a complete destruction of the fat cell envelope and its content.

    Take advantage of this treatment in your clinic

    Treatable Areas

    The CoolSculpting® procedure targets stubborn fat in specific areas: abdomen, flank, upper arm, inner thigh, outer thigh, as well as back, chest and double chin. One to two sessions are often enough to see significant results in the treated area. However, depending on the desired effect, it is possible to go a step further and sculpt the body using various applicators with specific shapes. The procedure presents very little risk of skin lesions and does not alter the surrounding tissues. Following the treatment, you may experience a temporary numbness of the treated area.

    What to Expect

    deroulement coolsculpting
    Coolsculpting®: see how it works / 1:05

    360° assessment and treatment plan

    Everyone’s body is different and a 360° assessment is essential to prepare a personalized treatment plan. During this consultation we will discuss your goals, provide recommendations based on your body type and shape, and suggest a customized treatment plan to achieve the desired results. Our staff has the expertise to guide you towards aesthetically pleasing, noticeable results.

    Mark the area to be treated

    Identify the area to be treated with a cooling vacuum applicator during the CoolSculpting® session. Trace the area with a nonpermanent marker to be used as a guiding grid for the precise positioning of the applicator in order to get overall harmonious results. Our goal is to achieve well-balanced sculpted body contours: hourglass-shaped for women and V-shaped for men.

    Protect the treatment area

    Use the pre-treatment wipes before applying the gel pad onto the skin to protect it from frostbites. Therefore, the cooling effect during the procedure does not affect the epidermis, muscle tissue, or any other cells but the targeted fat cells.

    Position the applicator

    Choosing the right applicator for the task and its correct positioning is critical for well-balanced results. The applicators come in distinct shapes, and our experts will select the one that fits you the best. Several applicators may be used for optimal results.

    Start the cryolipolysis treatment

    Cryolipolysis is the process of destroying fat deposits through the delivery of controlled cooling of fat cells for approximately 30 minutes or more, depending on the applicator used. The applicator pulls the stubborn fat in and holds it in place with a strong vacuum. The device then cools down the fat bulge for about an hour. During this time, you can relax, have a snack, read or even nap in full comfort and security.

    ZWave Treatment

    Following a CoolSculpting® treatment, Dermapure offers you a free treatment using ZWave radial shockwave system. This technology features a unique hand piece that delivers both mechanical and acoustic pulses to the treated body area for a few minutes. The energy heightens metabolic and tissue activity at the skin-strengthening level and promotes collagen regeneration. Depending on the area treated, this improves tissue elasticity and skin firmness and optimizes the appareance of cellulite.

    See if this treatment is right for you.

    Cost of treatment

    Regular rate starting at $500 per cycle

    + free ZWave treatment
    ($160 value, when available in-clinic)

    Competitively priced to match the market offer!

    *Applicable on purchase of 8 or more

    Follow-up and maintenance

    A second or even a third CoolSculpting® treatment may be recommended to further refine the targeted area. Once the desired effects are achieved, the results will last so long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    However, body contours can be toned and enhanced with Venus Freeze™ performed every four months. The treatment can be complemented with Fraxel® to help improve the appearance of stretch marks and crepey skin.


    Women who are pregnant or nursing should delay this procedure, as well as people with abdominal hernia.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Is CoolSculpting right for me? How can I find out?

    The CoolSculpting technology is specifically designed to treat stubborn and localized fat bulges. The treatment was developed to permanently eliminate fat cells located in a specific area and was not created to treat obesity, serious excess weight or visceral fat (deeply located fat cells that are often hard to the touch).
    The best way to discover if CoolSculpting is right for you is to book a complimentary consultation.

    Which body parts can be treated with CoolSculptingMD?

    The CoolSculpting procedure can treat and sculpt different body parts such as the chin, flanks (love handles), abdomen, pectoral area, back, arms, inner and outer thighs, and underneath the buttocks (banana roll).

    To enhance results, Z Wave treatment is offered free of charge with each CoolSculpting session. This bonus treatment can improve fat reduction results from 22% – 30% by assisting with the post treatment massage, destroying any fat cells that were nearly destroyed.

    Can the CoolSculpting procedure help my “double chin” to disappear?

    Absolutely! For most patients, as little as two treatments of CoolSculpting can offer a noticeable improvement when treating the “double chin”. Individual results and the required number of sessions may vary. A complimentary consultation will help determine your personalized treatment plan.

    How much fat can I expect to lose following one treatment of CoolSculptingMD?

    Approximately 20% to 30% of fat cells will be eliminated* with one treatment of CoolSculpting. It is important to note that a healthy lifestyle complements CoolSculpting results. Weight gain between treatments will negatively impact the results.

    Are CoolSculpting results permanent?

    CoolSculpting will crystallize fat cells by the cold, naturally eliminated by the body and will not come back.* However, new fat cells may form and the remaining fat cells may expand when weight gain occurs. It is therefore recommended to maintain a healthy weight following CoolSculpting treatments.
    *Individual results may vary.

    How long does the CoolSculpting treatment take?

    The duration of the CoolSculpting treatment will depend on how many zones need to be treated. It will be possible for you to read, work or listen to your favorite show during your treatment, to combine business with pleasure! It may last for as little as 60 minutes but the best way to find out the exact duration remains a consultation with our specialists.

    What is the difference between a zone (or cycle) and a session (or treatment)?

    A CoolSculpting zone (or cycle) represents an area that can be treated with a single applicator. For example, the lower abdomen area generally represents two zones. A applicator may cover an area approximately the size of a hand. Then, one or more treatments may be required to treat a specific zone, depending on desired results. Treatments are repeated every 8 weeks until desired results are achieved.

    Does CoolSculpting hurt?

    No, you don’t feel any pain during a CoolSculpting treatment. However, an intense cold sensation may be felt for the first few minutes and tends to quickly disappear. A light tingling sensation is sometimes felt following the session and will also disappear within a few minutes.

    How long before I can get back to my normal activities after a CoolSculpting treatment?

    Most patients return to their regular activities immediately following a CoolSculpting session. The treated area may feel sensitive. You may notice redness or experience a temporary tingling sensation.

    When will I see results after a CoolSculpting treatment?

    Most patients will notice results 2 months after the CoolSculpting treatment*. You will keep on eliminating fat cells naturally for 4 to 6 months following the session. It is recommended to do more than one session to maximise results.
    *Individual results may vary.

    How much does the CoolSculpting treatment cost?

    The price for one cycle of CoolSculpting starts at $800 and may vary depending on the size of the zone requiring treatment. To maximize results, the ZWave treatment will be offered free of charge with each session.
    The best way to estimate your own personal treatment cost is to contact us for a free consultation.