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Shape your body with Electone, the new Dermapure treatment!

March 4, 2022


A more harmonious silhouette, better definition of the abdominal muscles, quadriceps and biceps, sculpted, lifted and toned buttocks: this is a glimpse of the results possible with the new Electone treatment offered by Dermapure!

Electone is a treatment that uses a new generation of EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) technology. EMS is a technique that mimics the process of muscle contraction induced by the brain during intense physical exercise. Conductive plates are placed on specific areas of the body and send deep pulses to the muscles. The objective is to excite the muscle by generating an electrical impulse of variable duration and intensity directly on the motor nerve. These stimulations of the nerve fibres surrounding the muscle cause so-called “electro-induced” contractions that simulate natural muscle movements.

Who is Electone for?

Thanks to its different modes, Electone meets various objectives such as: decongesting the tissues (DRAIN mode), toning and shaping the muscles (TONE mode) or giving them more definition (SCULPT mode). The stomach area is particularly interesting to treat, as it is often the site of muscle loosening, especially for women who have had one or more pregnancies. Electone is also beneficial for people whose physical condition restricts from practicing intensive sports, to stimulate the muscles without aggravating their joint problems. Although Electone does not replace the practice of sports activities, it can provide the necessary motivation for inactive people. Finally, this new technology will be of interest to athletes who want to increase their muscular potential more quickly than conventional strength training or specifically target areas that are more difficult to develop.

How is Electone different from other EMS treatments on the market?

Electone is unique in that it has modes that address specific needs and can be combined in a treatment to achieve specific goals. For example, it is possible to work on tissue drainage to relieve congestion before working on the muscle tone of the same area. It is also possible to work on several areas with different objectives, such as reducing water retention in the abdomen with the DRAIN mode and working on the buttocks to give them a plumped-up effect with the TONE mode. An in-clinic consultation will allow you to define how Electone can help you reach your goals!

The 3 Electone modes:

› DRAIN : Helps to reduce tissue congestion and water retention. This mode is often used during the first treatment(s), usually in the abdominal area. Many patients notice a pleasant feeling of lightness after the first session.

› TONE : To tone the muscles and firm the skin. This mode allows you to obtain the results of several hours of training in a single session by creating the necessary reaction in the muscle to obtain a lifting or bulging effect. It is used, for example, to tone the stomach, to obtain a lifting effect on the buttocks or to shape the biceps or triceps.

› SCULPT : This is the ideal mode when the objective is to define certain muscles or to gain muscle volume. It is used, for example, to define the muscles in the abdominal area, the quadriceps and the pectorals to achieve that definition that is so difficult to achieve with traditional training.

Number of treatments and possible combinations

Depending on the objectives established, a course of 5 to 15 treatments is generally necessary, ideally at a rate of two treatments per week. A session lasts a maximum of 60 minutes and does not cause excessive sweating, which allows you to resume your regular activities immediately. In addition, by adopting healthy lifestyle habits, the benefits of Electone can be observed during the months following the end of treatment. A few sessions regularly may be recommended to maintain the results more effectively. An Electone treatment can also be very interesting to combine with CoolSculpting® or Thermage® Body treatments.

Treatment cost

$250 per session

With few exceptions, only one area is targeted per session.

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*Fees may apply on consultations with a physician. Some fees may be credited on the first appointment.

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