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Dermapure Calgary Chaparral


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9 AM to 5 PM

Meet our medical team

Dr. Joshua Lam

Family Physician with a Focus in Aesthetic Medicine in Calgary Chaparral & Calgary Downtown

Sylvina Aguirre-Hein

Aesthetic Medicine Nurse
in Calgary Chaparral

Natasha White

Aesthetic Medicine Nurse
in Calgary Chaparral

Lyna Nguyen

Aesthetic Medicine Nurse
in Calgary Chaparral

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Team at Dermapure Calgary - Chaparral

Calgary Chaparral Clinic

The partnership Skinpossible and ReNue Seton become Dermapure Chaparral

Founded in 2009, Skinpossible has grown to become one of the largest, award-winning clinics in Alberta. Starting as a small location in De Winton, Skinpossible quickly established itself as a pioneer in the field of medical aesthetics in Calgary. Renowned for their expertise in CoolSculpting and Ultherapy, as well as a dedication to providing exceptional care in all aspects of medical aesthetics.

Over the years, Skinpossible has received numerous accolades and awards, further solidifying its reputation as a trusted provider of exceptional care. The team’s dedication to staying at the forefront of advancements in the field, through the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art equipment, and high-quality products, has allowed Skinpossible to emerge as the go-to destination for medical aesthetics in Calgary.

Today, Skinpossible is a part of Dermapure, the largest network of high-end medical aesthetics clinics with over 100 MDs, Skinpossible maintains its commitment to excellence, now under the name Dermapure Chapparal. Continuing to grow, the clinic merged with Renue Seton, welcoming Dr. Joshua Lam, in 2024.

With a track record of pioneering treatments and garnering awards, Skinpossible’s affiliation with Dermapure, and merger with Renue Seton, ensures that the vision for excellence in the medical aesthetics industry will continue. Clients can trust in the clinic’s unwavering commitment to honesty, providing exceptional care, top-quality services, and the expertise of their doctors, nurses, and technicians to ensure they look and feel their best with each visit.

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