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Beauty tips from our experts

September 9, 2020


Beauty tips from our experts

They have your skin’s health at heart, they advise you with kindness and transparency, they like to make a difference by guiding you throughout your beauty journey: our experts share their beauty tips with you!

Geneviève Desloges, Call Center Consultant.

With Dermapure since: 1 year

What motivates me in my work: “To interact with patients, listen to their concerns and recommend the RIGHT treatment that will meet their expectations.”

My little happiness: “Knowing that I am helping the patient to shine even more, to feel even better. My must-have products are my Functionalab essentials: the CODE that perfectly meets my skin’s needs thanks to its booster serum and custom ceramide base, as well as the Collagen Infusion Serum to plump my lips and the Detox Mask for purified skin. Not to forget the Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 to protect my skin against premature aging! I also like the corrective palette from Colorescience that I recently discovered.”

My best beauty tip: “Remove your makeup well (it wasn’t always a habit for me), drink more water and use the quality products that I need for my skin. I changed my routine following the good advice of my technician and my skin is thanking me!”

Catherine Paradis, Technical Training Coordinator – Eastern Canada

With Dermapure for: 10 years. “The greatest professional adventure of my life!”

What motivates me in my work: “Using my experience to help. My soul goes to the technicians, who I love to support and see excel.”

My little happiness: “My status as an “old” Dermapurian, which allows me to be helpful on many levels. I feel I can be useful in this supporting position in the company.”

My must-have products: “Functionalab’s Intense Hydration Anti-Aging Cream is THE product I absolutely can’t go without! The Ellagic C+ serum and the Eye Contour serum are also favourites, while the 5% Glycolic Acid Mask and the Detox Mask are my treats.”

My best beauty tip: “Without hesitation, hydration! A well-moisturized skin ages much less quickly, is more resistant to aggressors (because it is less sensitive) and tends to develop fewer spots. Sun protection is also extremely important to prevent premature skin aging.”

Magali Roy, Digital Media Strategist and Content Creator

With Dermapure since: 2 years

What motivates me in my work: “The day-to-day challenges and the diversity related to my tasks! My days follow one another but are never the same. Working for a company that evolves at lightning speed inspires me a lot! I see myself working at Dermapure in the long run, especially since I admire the company’s values and those of our President.”

My little happiness: “Mainly, the fact of moving! I have the chance to travel for work but also to be able to live in Montreal and build my small team there, while still having meetings at our head office in Sherbrooke and being able to connect with the rest of the team.”

My best beauty tip: “Listen to the advice of the technicians (laughs)! I change my routine quite often because I love to try new products… But my motto is always, the simpler the routine, the better! For some time now, I’ve often chosen the duo: Functionalab Cleanser + CODE. For me, it’s an efficient and fast routine. Bonus, when I feel like a change, I can have infinite combinations according to my skin’s current needs. Always after consulting my technician, of course!”

And you, what are your favourite products?

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