How to Reduce Expression Lines Easily

16 June 2017 — Chronicles

The facial muscles – more than thirty of them – are often called upon to express emotions, such as joy, sadness, anger, doubt, and disbelief. Over time, these constantly repeated expressions cause the contraction of the facial muscles even when they’re at rest. That’s why expression lines appear on the forehead and nose and around the eyes and mouth.

It’s possible to reduce these expression lines by following these tips:

Facial gymnastics
Certain facial gymnastics exercises can naturally improve the appearance of the face and reduce expression lines by acting on both the muscles prone to sagging as well as those that lack tone. However, to see significant improvements, the expression lines mustn’t be too pronounced… and you have to be patient, practicing these facial exercises regularly over a long period. It’s also important to perform these exercises as naturally as possible without forcing the expressions so you don’t generate the opposite effect – that is to say, accentuate the expression lines.

At-home anti-wrinkle treatments
To treat expression lines, cosmetic products such as anti-wrinkle creams, serums, and masks complement each other perfectly to accelerate cellular regeneration and restore elasticity to the skin on your face. To notice their benefits, you must create a daily beauty ritual that consists of removing the makeup from the face and applying an anti-wrinkle serum, such as the Pro-Collagen Serum from Functionalab, as well as a moisturizing and rejuvenating cream, such as the Intense Hydration cream offered by the same company. Developed in Québec by a renowned team of scientists and dermatologists, these products are packed with top-quality active ingredients that are suitable for all skin types. And why not work in synergy by applying moisturizing or anti-aging masks on a regular basis? We love the one offered by Functionalab, which contains 5% glycolic acid: a must for deep-cleaning your skin and refining skin texture… to be used in the shower or afterwards, when the pores are fully dilated!

Botox Cosmetic® injections
To relax the facial features and smooth expression lines, Botox Cosmetic® injections are one treatment to consider. Used in cosmetic medicine for over 15 years, this technique involves injecting small quantities of a purified inactive protein derived from the type-A botulinum toxin into specific points of the upper region of the face, such as the forehead, the intersuperciliary fold, and the crow’s feet. This substance helps block the nerve impulses responsible for the activity of the muscles and thereby reduces the movements of certain muscles. This muscle relaxant effect gradually reduces the visibility of expression lines for several months.

Volumizing injections
A treatment that’s often combined with Botox Cosmetic® injections, volumizing injections provide an immediate rejuvenating effect. The volumizers are made up of hyaluronic acid – a natural sugar already present in our bodies – and are injected under the facial skin in specific places to restore volume to the skin. Skin aging and external aggressions directly affect the skin cells, which are eventually no longer able to produce enough hyaluronic acid. Volumizers work to make up for this lack by filling in static expression lines and creases. More specifically, it’s possible to inject volumizers into the lips, the nasolabial fold, the wrinkles in the corners of the mouth, the cheekbones, and other places on the face.

In conclusion, expression lines can give beautiful maturity to your face. However, it’s possible to reduce their appearance with a few actions to prevent them from causing your face to look old and tired. The clinical treatments offered by Dermapure offer natural results that respect each person’s morphology. Why not come see us for a free personalized evaluation?

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