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4 good reasons to treat wrinkes with injection

December 30, 2016

Rejuvenating injections

Injections de neuromodulateurs

Would you like to regain a rested and youthful face? Discover the advantages of the most popular anti-aging alternative of the 21st century and treat signs of aging without pain or a scalpel with injection-based wrinkle treatments.

Two types of injections to choose from
The principle of treating wrinkles with injections is simple: it’s a matter of introducing safe, synthesized products into the skin using a thin needle to remedy the loss of volume and the appearance of expression lines to temporarily give your face back a smoother, more relaxed look.

A safe procedure
Rejuvenating injections are the best compromise between anti-wrinkle creams, which have a limited impact, and drastic surgery. They offer fast results and don’t cause any pain or serious side effects. Apart from a bit of redness and bruising that quickly disappears, treating wrinkles with injections has very few side effects.
The injectable products used at Dermapure are all approved by Health Canada. The synthetic hyaluronic acid is produced using biotechnology techniques and doesn’t contain any animal extracts. The results are reversible, if necessary, through the use of a specific enzyme called hyaluronidase.

Neuromodulators and Dermal fillers injections
At Dermapure, we advocate a holistic approach to beauty, highlighting the natural beauty of our patients.
Our injections are provided by our team of experienced physicians, who share the same philosophy: to offer natural and visible results.

Visible results
Some people are still hesitant, fearing that they won’t like the result or that they will no longer recognize themselves. It’s important to choose a medical team that promotes natural results. At Dermapure, this approach is an integral part of the corporate philosophy and drives each of our injecting doctors.
It’s the most effective treatment for making your face look 5 to 10 years younger in just a single session! Not only are the results visible immediately or after only a few days, depending on the type of injectable used, but the results last for 12 to 18 months, depending on the individual. In addition, the frequency of the touch-up sessions decreases over the years.

If your doctor practicing the injections deems it appropriate, they may combine these two products for an optimal effect and an overall rejuvenation.

Treating wrinkles with injections doesn’t transform your face; rather, it gives you back the appearance that it had several years ago, when your lips were fuller, the dark circles under your eyes were smaller, your cheekbones were more plump, and your forehead was smooth. Don’t wait for your wrinkles to get any deeper before taking action!

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