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4 great gift ideas !

December 9, 2019


Cadeaux parfaits

The holiday season can be pretty stressful! Between all the preparation it takes to host family, make all that yummy food and decorate the tree, there’s not always time – or inspiration – to find the PERFECT gifts. At Dermapure, our list of top 4 best gift ideas makes gift giving easy without breaking the bank!

1 | Collagen Infusion – Lip Serum ……….. $29

What could be better than moisturized, plump lips to help someone look their best on New Year’s Eve? This lip serum will make anyone happy when they find it slipped into their Christmas stocking…or even when it’s given as a hostess gift!

We ♥: the cumulative volumizing effect and the non-sticky, glossy shine

2 | Microdermabarasion ……….. $149

Offering someone the gift of pampering is always a win-win situation and diamond-tip microdermabrasion makes it easy to give loved ones a chance to take time for themselves. They’ll love the gentle exfoliation and unparalleled moment of relaxation it brings!

We ♥: the compatibility with all skin types and the relaxing clinical experience

3 | Protocol 5 ESSENTIALS ……….. $390

Protocol 5 ESSENTIALS is a collection of Functionalab’s top 5 anti-aging products: a serum with vitamin C+, another with retinol, a moisturizing cream, an exfoliating mask and a mineral sunscreen. It’s got everything that’s needed to start the year in perfect skin health!

We ♥: all of these made-in-Montreal products…and the travel bag that holds them!

4 | Gift card

Not sure? Go for a gift card! Customizable and with no expiry date, gift cards are redeemable on Functionalab products and clinical care. The best of both worlds, at any value you like.

For more gift ideas, visit our online store!

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