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4 time-saving tips for busy moms

September 30, 2020


Maman et sa fille

Between your work, your children, and your 1001 personal and family obligations, you may tend to put your well-being at the bottom of your list of priorities. But when it comes to taking care of yourself, this is the bottom line: when you take care of your physical and mental health, you are more effective and better able to take care of the people around you. A woman who is comfortable in her own skin can accomplish anything!

We asked the moms around us to share their best tips on how to take care of themselves despite their busy schedules. Because self-care moments are a must!

Tip #1 : Planning

The best way to make time for yourself is to plan it in your agenda! Just like your children’s soccer game, relaxing time deserves its place in your busy mom schedule, even if it’s only a few minutes a day!

Tip #2 : Take the time… to make the most of it. Yes, you can! 

Even though some beauty appointments take a little more time… they can save time on a daily basis!

For example, permanent hair removal! On average, it only takes about ten, short appointments, spread over several months, to say goodbye to an area of hair permanently. Now that’s time well spent!

In fact, laser season is back and it’s the ideal time to start your permanent hair removal treatments. To make an appointment, click HERE.

Tip #3 : Use multi-purpose products  

When you already have so little time to give yourself, every effort you make must be effective. The best way? Use products that have several functions.

Our suggestions :

Moisturizing Cleanser and Toner : removes makeup, deep cleanses and tones your skin, all at the same time.

– CODE: Designed to meet your skin’s needs, CODE combines a ceramide base and a custom booster serum, available in 18 unique combinations. This customized treatment is definitely a must-have for busy routines! You can apply it to the face, neck, décolleté and eye contour area, morning and night.  Dermapure offers a quiz on our online store to discover your ideal combination in no time, HERE. Take this opportunity to discover your CODE in just a few clicks!

Tip #4 : The life “SAVERS” 

This method of well-being, which is being used all over the world, seems to be proving its worth! It is a condensed and effective way to take care of yourself that can be done from anywhere and at any time of the day! In fact, all you have to do is give yourself equal time to do each of the following exercises: S for Scribing, A for Affirmations, V for Visualization, E for Exercise, R for Reading and S for Silence.

For an already busy woman, one way to incorporate this method is to get up 15 minutes (or more) earlier than usual, while the rest of the household is still sleeping, and give equal practice time to each element of the life SAVERS, for example, three minutes each. It’s not much, but it’s a quiet moment just for you that will do you the most good in the long run. That’s what #GymforYourSkin is all about!

And you, how do you take care of yourself? 

Make an appointment today for your free consultation and take advantage of a $25 discount when you sign up for the newsletter, applicable on one of our products or treatments at your next clinic visit*!

* Offer applicable on Functionalab products and non-physician, non-injectable treatments.

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