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5 beauty essentials for your summer holidays

July 19, 2021


5 essentiels beauté pour vos vacances cet été

Summer is in full speed and whether you’re planning a short getaway or a long, well-deserved vacation, many of us are eyeing the days off soon to come!

But have you thought about your travel beauty case? Whether it’s to go far or stay close to home, there are some essentials to bring with you, which allow us to travel light without compromising beauty and well-being for our skin!

Here are our 5 beauty essentials for the holidays:


Undoubtedly the most important product to bring with you, in order to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. We opt for a tinted or non-tinted fluid, depending on our preferences and the desired look. Our recommendations?

– Ultra-light SPF 50 sunscreen from Functionalab, enriched with moisturizing argan oil and vitamin E, it provides daily antioxidant defense, neutralizes free radicals and slows the deterioration of collagen and elastin fibers.

– SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 sunscreen, a tinted fluid with mineral filters that provides broad-spectrum UVA / UVB protection, while promoting a natural glow and a unified-looking skin.


Together with your SPF, vitamin C is applied before sun protection and acts as a powerful antioxidant! Select a serum designed for the specific needs of your skin, discover the various vitamin C-based products for sale on our online store.


We hydrate this fragile little skin around our eyes, which tends to wrinkle a little more in the summer, under the rays of the sun.

In order to hydrate it deeply, here are our essentials:

– A.G.E Eye Complex from SkinCeuticals, to fight against the appearance of crow’s feet as well as puffiness and loss of volume in dark circles.

– The Eye Contour Serum from Functionalab, for long-lasting hydration and a detoxifying effect.


Get your glow on in a few minutes with these essentials:

– The Colorscience® Mascara
Whether our vacation day begins with a brunch and ends on a terrace, or it boils down to a hike in the countryside followed by an intense kayak ride, we want a mascara that lasts throughout our activities.

– Colorescience® EnviroScreenTM Mineral Powder
EnviroScreen ™ SPF 50 is a mineral powder sunscreen that offers complete protection in just one application, thanks to its applicator brush tip.


An important step to remember, a good deep cleaning is essential at the end of a day of vacation!

Discover a cleanser adapted to the specific needs of your skin on our online store.

Want to get personalized advice on which products to choose for your skin type? Make an appointment today for your free consultation and take advantage of a $ 25 discount applicable on one of our products or treatments during your next clinic visit *!

Contact us now at 1 877-252-0293

* Offer applicable on Functionalab products and on care not provided by doctors

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