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5 essentials for healthy glowing skin

April 26, 2020


Healthy glowing skin

How can you optimize the results of your clinical treatments? By taking care of your skin at all times…starting by nourishing, moisturizing and protecting it with the application of high-quality professional products!

Discover the 5 types of essential products to always have in your beauty bag :

1. Gentle Cleanser

Choose a cleansing toner that removes impurities while protecting the skin.
Cleansing the face, neck and décolleté is a must-do for healthy, beautiful skin! But not just any in any way… skin is fragile, which is why it is important to gently remove excess oil and dead skin cells with a dedicated product. Whether it is in milk, gel, foam or micellar water form, choosing the right cleanser for your skin is essential for it to be purified and revitalized. Now your skin is ready for the next step in your routine !

We love the Functionalab and SkinCeuticals lines for :
• Cleansers that protect the natural skin barrier
• The different formulas available
• The Functionalab Foaming Cleanser, particularly suitable for acne-prone skin.

2. Targeted Action Serums

Serums deeply nourish the skin!
Serums – with a light and fluid texture – are the very first product to be applied after cleansing your skin. They are concentrated in active ingredients that target the specific needs of your skin. Be careful, serums are not a substitute for moisturizing cream. In fact, they act in very different ways and in synergy with moisturizers. One cannot go without the other for a healthy glowing skin!

We love the Functionalab and SkinCeuticals lines for :
• The variety of serums, which can be alternated morning and evening to meet several needs simultaneously.
• Clinically proven results and patented ingredients.
• The must-have Functionalab Eye Contour and SkinCeuticals AOX+EYE Gel serums, for its immediate tightening effect.

3. Hydration Boosters

Hydrate effectively with professional moisturizers!
The skin naturally contains 75% water! It is essential to keep it well hydrated to help maintain its elasticity and firmness and protect it from external aggressors, particularly through the daily application of an appropriate moisturizing cream. There are many different types of moisturizing creams. Pay particular attention to their composition and indications so that your choice is perfectly suited to your skin type!

We love the Functionalab and SkinCeuticals lines for :
• Non-greasy formulas.
• Effective anti-aging action for smoother, softer, more radiant looking skin.
• The revolutionary custom-made synergy of Functionalab CODE serum + ceramide base.

4. Detoxify and revitalize

Revitalize your skin with a gentle exfoliant once or twice a week and apply a mask adapted to your needs once a week.
The softening action of the exfoliation frees the skin from dead cells and refines skin texture, while the purifying effect of the mask cleanses the pores and reoxygenates the skin. These treatments should be an integral part of your beauty routine for healthy skin!

We love the Functionalab and SkinCeuticals lines for :
• The anti-aging effect of each product.
• The moisturizing and toning formula of the Micro Pearl Exfoliator.
• The antioxidant qualities of the Functionalab Detox mask and moisturizing qualities of the SkinCeuticals B5 mask.

5. Protect against free radicals

Protect your skin from sun damage with a mineral sunscreen!
While sun exposure is responsible for 70% of the signs of skin aging, it is important to apply sunscreen daily, all year round. This will help slow down the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and spots!

We love the Functionalab and SkinCeuticals lines for :
• Mineral, non-chemical sunscreens that form a protective barrier that reflects UV rays for increased protection.
• Broad spectrum action and deep hydration.
• SPF 30 and SPF 50 that neutralize the free radicals responsible for skin aging.

Our favorite :

Functionalab 5 Essential Protocol Kit

The combination of essential products for a glowing and healthy skin!
› 2 serums to lighten the complexion, protect from free radicals and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin
› 1 anti-aging cream to deeply nourish the skin, soften the features and correct the loss of volume
› 1 exfoliant to hydrate, soothe and tone the skin.
› 1 mineral SPF 50 sunscreen with broad spectrum of action to provide daily antioxidant defense for all skin types, even those allergic to the sun or photosensitive.

Do you want to enhance your beauty routine or learn more about the entire Functionalab and Skinceuticals lines?
Contact our skin experts and visit the online store! 1 877 252-0293

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