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5 Tips for Radiant Skin this Fall

October 7, 2020


Radiant skin for this fall

Already, autumn is well underway and for many of our patients, it is also the great return to a normal routine. After a sun-filled Summer, it’s common to experience complexion dulling where new pigmentation spots have appeared or simply dehydrated skin. Not to mention the recent phenomenon of mascne, the term describing the pimples that appear on the lower part of the face due to wearing a mask, which has imposed itself on our reality as an additional challenge for our skin. To start the season on the right foot, it’s time to change up your skin care routine!

Here are our top five suggestions for a radiant and even complexion:

1.  Treat your skin in clinic with a glycolic peel

Treat yourself to a Functionalab Glycolic Acid Peel to help your skin on a deeper level and to stimulate cellular renewal. This quick, 30-minute treatment chemically exfoliates the skin.

To make a long story short, the peel completely removes a thin layer of dead skin. It also eliminates impurities, such as excess sebum, which almost instantly restores radiance to the complexion. Pigmentation spots are quickly faded for a more radiant and even complexion. By using glycolic acid at various concentrations, it is possible to reach the deepest layers of the epidermis and brighten the skin. Deep exfoliation helps stimulate cell renewal, which in turn helps stimulate collagen production. By removing the layer of dead cells with the Functionalab Glycolic Peel, the surface of the skin becomes smoother and allows cosmeceuticals to penetrate more easily and thus do their job better.

Tip: this treatment can also help normalize excess sebum, cleanse pores, and reduce the development of acne.  Ideal for people who tend to develop skin irritations, especially due to wearing a mask (mascne). 

But the #GymforYourSkin doesn’t stop there! At home, you must continue to work on your skin to allow it to regenerate itself as much as possible. To do this, we recommend using Functionalab cosmeceuticals, our line of professional products with clinically proven results. 

2.  Daily cleansing

It’s no secret that a well-cleansed skin is the first step in any skincare routine. By thoroughly cleansing the skin, excess makeup, oil and other impurities are removed and we can prep our skin for AM or PM skincare. 

Our suggestions : 

The Functionalab Moisturizing Cleanser and Toner : cleanses gently and leaves the skin more luminous, its toning action restores the skin’s pH. 

The Functionalab Clarifying Foaming Cleanser : normalizes the production of sebum and deeply cleanses pores.

3.  Weekly exfoliation

Exfoliation removes a layer of dead cells from the surface of the skin and promotes cell renewal. The complexion is visibly healthier!

Although we love physical exfoliants, a less well-known concept in beauty is the use of a chemical exfoliation using glycolic acids with targeted products to use at home.    

Cosmeceuticals composed of glycolic acid exfoliate the skin with an effective and smoothing action that treats the skin in depth. It is notably thanks to this action that the appearance of pigmentation spots can be considerably reduced. At the same time, fine lines and wrinkles are treated and skin appears younger-looking.

Discover glycolic acids :

Glycolic Acid Night Cream 5% 
Glycolic Acid Night Cream 10% 
Glycolic Acid Mask 5% 

Please note that these must be gradually integrated into a routine. It is suggested to begin with the use of a product with a lower percentage, a few evenings a week, then, to gently increase the frequency of use and eventually the concentration of glycolic acids to allow your skin to adapt to this effective ingredient. Do not hesitate to ask your technician for advice! 

4.  Hydration

Now that your skin is well cleansed, don’t forget to moisturize it!

Continue your routine with the application of a serum. Ultra-nourishing, the serums target our skin condition for even more efficiency! 

Option #1: The Ellagic C+ Serum.

Ellagic C+ Serum provides instant and long-lasting photoprotection, neutralizes free radicals and offers an anti-aging formula at the same time. A multi-functional product, we just can’t say no!

› Shop it HERE.

Option #2: Spot Corrector Serum.

The Spot Corrector Serum acts in several ways. First of all, by interfering with the natural process of melanin production, the pigments responsible for the coloring of our skin and the formation of pigmentary spots and by diminishing the appearance of those already present via 5 different mechanisms. After a few weeks of use, you will already notice a reduction in the number, size and intensity of spots. As a bonus, the skin regains a beautiful radiance and a healthy look. All skin types can use this serum, which can even be applied to the eye contour area. 

› Shop it HERE.

Tip: Alternating two serum choices, for example, one for mornings and the other for evenings, allows you to meet specific needs of your skin!

Then, finish with CODE (a personalized cosmeceutical, take the quiz HERE to find yours) or an anti-aging cream of your choice, depending on your skin’s specific needs. 

› Discover all of our options : HERE

5.  Healthy lifestyle habits

Returning to routine can be stressful! However, good stress management and maintaining a healthy lifestyle play a big part when it comes to skin health. 

Here are a few tips that can help you get your skin looking radiant for back to school.

› Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night
› Eat a balanced diet
› Move 30 to 60 minutes a day
› Avoid alcohol 
› Take nutricosmetics such as Collagen Formula, which act as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle that nourishes the skin from deep down (because beauty starts from the inside out!).

Ready for pumpkin spice latte season?

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