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Chronos X Dermapure: a natural partnership

September 30, 2021


The news is finally out! The Dermapure family continues to grow through a new partnership with Dr. Caroline Arsenault and Dr. Jean-François Pépin, the two founding physicians of the Chronos Aesthetic medicine Clinic, located on Saint-Charles Street in Old Longueuil. 

Shared values

Dr. Arsenault and Dr. Pépin are two rigorous and scientific physicians who share the same values of compassion, courage, support and respect as Dermapure. They are committed to offering a warm and personalized experience thanks to a passionate team equipped with the best technologies on the market. This new collaboration is therefore in harmony with their vision and practice of aesthetic medicine.

Chronos will continue to improve the service to Dermapure and Chronos clients in the greater Montreal area. 

A wider range of products and services for Chronos clients

This association gives rise to new treatments for Dr. Caroline Arsenault and Dr. Jean-François Pépin’s clientele, including the introduction of the Gym de la Peau menu. In addition, the Canadian line of professional products, Functionalab, exclusive to Dermapure clinics, was introduced at the Longueuil location. Finally, with the arrival of rejuvenation care technicians within the team, patients will now be able to benefit from a 360-degree treatment, just the way Dermapure does. #SkinGym

Sharing the same holistic approach to skin care and the same philosophy of natural results – Chronos and Dermapure work in synergy to provide the most innovative skin care on the market. 

The team is waiting for you!

Experience Dermapure in Longueuil and discover which treatment is right for you! The team of skin care professionals at your Dermapure Longueuil clinic will accompany you on your health and beauty journey according to your needs and concerns. Don’t wait any longer, get your free consultation now!*

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