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CoolSculpting® : secrets revealed!

January 27, 2020



Do you know about the world-renowned technology that uses extreme cold to contour the body? Find out how CoolSculpting® can safely refine and sculpt your figure without surgery or downtime!

What is Coolsculpting®?

Coolsculpting® is a process that permanently destroys localized fat deposits using extreme cold. This targeted, controlled cooling crystallizes fat cells, which causes them to die. Then, the body’s natural processes eliminate them.

CoolSculpting® at a glance

+ Cold
By subjecting fat cells to temperatures between -11 and -13 degrees for 35 to 75 minutes (depending on the treatment area), they crystallize and destroy themselves naturally and gradually. The body then naturally eliminates the destroyed cells and the surrounding fat cells take their place leaving the silhouette effectively remodelled!

+ Permanent results
Because these fat cells are completely destroyed, the results of the treatment are permanent. Nevertheless, it’s important to avoid any significant weight gain! In fact, gaining weight could cause the surrounding adipose cells to fill up again and increase in size.

+ Patent
Did you know that Allergan, the company that markets CoolSculpting® worldwide, is the only company with the patented Freeze Detect® technology?

This system allows real-time measurement of the behaviour of fat cells and skin tissue during CoolSculpting® treatment which enables us to safely offer this cold treatment!

+ Harvard
CoolSculpting® technology is the result of more than 25 years of research and clinical studies conducted at Harvard and Boston. Its effectiveness and international reputation is well earned!

There are certain treatments that are authorized by Health Canada for use on Canadian soil, but only CoolSculpting® is authorized in its category by the FDA (Food & Drugs Administration) in the United States!

+ Bonus : ZWave
Because there’s nothing more effective than a manual massage, we’re offering ZWave technology – a $150 value – free after every CoolSculpting® treatment! ZWave’s high-intensity acoustic waves optimize the removal of treated fat cells to achieve up to 28% fat loss.

CoolSculpting® terminology

The CoolSculpting® applicators are called cycles. These are the tips that are applied to the treatment area and come in different sizes. Cool Regular, Cool Max, Cool Mini or Cool Petite. There’s one for every need!

Belly, thighs, sides, back, arms, chin…areas refer to the parts of the body to be treated. Some areas require the application of several cycles. For example, between 4 and 6 cycles are applied to treat the belly, while 1 to 2 cycles are used for each arm or thigh.

A treatment is a session of CoolSculpting®. The number of treatments required to achieve the targeted goals depends on many factors and is assessed during your free consultation. Moreover, they are performed at intervals of 4 to 16 weeks depending on the treatment area.

Now that we’ve revealed the secrets behind CoolSculpting® , it’s time to get your beauty journey started with one of our consultants.
Make an appointment today for your free consultation: : 1 877-781-1811

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