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CoolSculpting : what are the advantages?

March 20, 2017


Woman with bulges

A popular technique for effortlessly removing unsightly bulges and slimming down your figure, CoolSculpting® uses the powers of cold to fight fat. What are the advantages of this non-invasive procedure compared to other slimming treatments?

What is it?
CoolSculpting® is a device for reshaping the body without surgery that has proven very successful. Its popularity is understandable: not only is the procedure painless, but it doesn’t require any special diet on the part of the patient and offers permanent, stable, visible results. It helps effectively reduce fat deposits located on the inner and outer thighs, as well as the stomach, back, sides, chin, and even the pecs.

The key strengths of CoolSculpting® :

1/ The complete destruction of the fat cells
Since 2008, this new platform developed by researchers from Harvard University has changed the lives of over 2 million patients around the world! CoolSculpting® uses cryolipolysis to destroy fat deposits with cold. This technology stands out from the competition since it completely alters the shell and the contents of the adipocytes. Once destroyed, these cells never return over time.

2/ Long-lasting, satisfying results
At a very low temperature, the contents of the fat cells crystallize and then die before being removed through the body’s natural elimination mechanisms. This process takes several weeks; the destruction of the adipocytes allows the unaffected cells to come back together, thus thinning out the treated area after 8 to 16 weeks.

3/ A painless procedure
A single CoolSculpting® session usually takes about an hour per treated area and doesn’t require any anaesthesia. First, a gelled film is applied to the skin to protect it from frostbite. The device then sucks the targeted fatty mass into a special applicator and chills it. The suction effect can be a little uncomfortable, but it’s no big deal. Once the cryolipolysis process begins, the cooling is done in a controlled way over the course of the session.

4/ No downtime to worry about
Once the treatment is done, the treated area may display some redness, some bruising due to the pulling effect during the suction, and some desensitization of the skin. All these effects are temporary and disappear after a few days or at most a few weeks. It’s therefore possible to get back to your usual routine immediately after the CoolSculpting® session.

5/ Safe, targeted action
Cryolipolysis acts only on the fat cells. It doesn’t affect the skin, the muscle tissues, the organs, or the other surrounding cells. Many studies have been performed to ensure the safety of this technology; it’s been approved by the FDA in the United States and by Health Canada.

6/ Visible slimming effects
The elimination of the fat cells that have been destroyed by the cold takes some time. The initial results can be seen after about two months and will improve over time. After this period, the treated area is visibly thinner, with an average reduction of 22%.

Want to try CoolSculpting® to get rid of stubborn fat? First, you should have a 360° evaluation done by a certified consultant. It will then be possible to determine the best treatment plan for you according to your budget. Dermapure has performed more CoolSculpting® treatments in 2016 than any other clinic in Québec, so you’ll definitely be in good hands!

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