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Dermapure is now in Toronto: Our first partnership in Ontario!

December 5, 2019


Dermapure clinic in Toronto

Dermapure makes its debut in Ontario in partnership with the renowned Dr. Fred Weksberg. Dr. Weksberg’s clinic’s collaboration with Dermapure marks the beginning of a new adventure for his patients. A trusted authority in medical aesthetics in the Greater Toronto Area, Dr. Weksberg’s clinic stands out for its enviable reputation, its personal approach and the expertise of its team.

An exceptional team

With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Fred Weksberg is a well-known dermatologist and undeniably an expert in the fields of aesthetic dermatology and sclerotherapy.

Guided by his holistic approach to beauty, his passion for the well-being of his patients and his exemplary professional thoroughness, Dr. Weksberg is a trainer to other physicians on injection care techniques and is a frequent guest speaker at professional conferences, both in Canada and internationally.

Care at the cutting edge of technology

The team at Dr. Weksberg Dermapure Clinic is committed to providing its patients with access to the latest technological advances in medical aesthetic care.

It is with excitement and pride that Dr. Fred Weksberg Dermapure will soon have three new technologies, in addition to the Canadian line of Functionalab professional products:

› For? The body: abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks
› Why? To reshape the silhouette without surgery or downtime
› How? By permanently destroying fat cells using cold
› Results? Adipose clusters are naturally eliminated by the body
› Effects? The silhouette is resculpted naturally and gradually, with loss of fat deposits reaching up to 28% in the treated area

Ulthera®, the visible and natural tensor effect.
› For? The face
› What? Focused ultrasound
› Why? To correct the effects of time on different areas of the face!
› How? By creating tiny subcutaneous attachment points
› Results? Tissue and skin structure are regenerated
› Effects? Skin is smoothed, contour of the face is redefined, eyes are lifted

Thermage®, the world’s #1 choice for skin tightening.
› For? The face and body
› What? Unipolar radio frequencies
› Why? To preserve skin tone and defy time
› How? By stimulating the production of collagen and elastin
› Results? The natural aging process of the skin is slowed down
› Effects? Skin is smoothed and tightened, features are softened and the appearance of cellulite is reduced

Take advantage of the Dermapure experience.
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