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How to Maintain an Active Lifestyle

January 20, 2021

Wellbeing serie

Maintain an active lifestyle


What if I told you that the Gym for your Skin could do more and help you feel good in your body as well?

In this wellbeing series, we are all about women empowerment and acceptation ! And since new year resolutions are out, let’s focus on little, everyday actions that can help us be more active and feel good. Because that’s what your body goals should be all about ; feeling beautiful and strong, no matter what shape or size. Or as Chrissy Kuny, a Pilates teacher and Dermapure ambassador in Saskatoon, would say “ gaining power over our bodies ” !

We interviewed Chrissy to gain insight on intuitive workout best practices that are aligned with what our bodies truly need! With over 10 years of experience as a Pilates teacher, from starting her own studio to travelling the world to attend trainings and teach classes, Chrissy believes it’s all about setting realistic goals and allowing ourselves grace.

Building long lasting, healthy habits isn’t always easy, we get that! Start by taking small yet meaningful actions every day. Did you know that you should only add one new habit to your routine at a time ? As a matter of facts, trying to change a billion things all at once will probably result in unsustainable results and feeling very overwhelmed. Instead, be patient with yourself and chose one new selfcare habit every week !

We asked Chrissy her best advice on taking these small actions to be more active on a daily basis, her answer ?

“ Don’t structure your workouts so much, make it fun! Celebrate what your body can do! Call it play time, instead of workout time! It can be as simple as taking a walk, putting on good music and seeing what happens, playing with your dog or stretching it our to get your spine moving ! ”

If you are having a hard time keeping up with your workouts, rest assured you are not alone ! Remember to set realistic goals, and plan your play time in your schedule. Block some time off in advance, this way there is no reason to push it back and end up not doing it.

Feeling good in our bodies result in a natural confidence and glow, you’ll feel better and look better too! A good skincare routine and regular treatments will help you get that glow too! So, we asked Chrissy what her favorite treatment was to have a naturally beautiful skin that she feels confident working out and teaching in. Her answer and most recent discovery ? The Hydrafacial treatment she received at our Saskatoon clinic !

She’s all about services that make you feel good without makeup and as a Pilates teacher, she wants her students to feel comfortable coming to her classes with bare skin too. No ego, no pressure and lots of fun! A good moisturizer and she’s ready for the day !

Still not sure where to start with these new moving habits ? Try new things, explore and don’t forget to have some fun along the way ! You’ll see, making your well-being a priority and taking control over your day will make you feel like you can accomplish anything !

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