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How to optimize the results of your treatment, from the clinic to your home

July 3, 2020


Optimize the results of your treatment

When we take care of the health of our skin with customized treatments in the clinic, we want the results to last and be optimized!

That’s why the benefits of a personalized beauty routine and effective professional products should not be underestimated. These allow us to meet the specific needs of our skin and even maintain the results of our treatments over time!

Which beauty routine is right for me?

Whether it’s to stimulate collagen production and slow down time, smooth out wrinkles and firm the skin on both the face and body, or refine skin texture and regenerate skin cells: there is a treatment plan for each of these priorities. Beyond this personalization of treatments, it is essential to know the specific needs of our skin so that we can then adapt our beauty routine at home by choosing the best products.

In fact, the products selected will differ if we want to diminish the appearance of our pigmentation spots or if we want to counter sagging, reduce cellulite or achieve a radiant complexion.

While cosmeceuticals will target specific needs, the right steps to take for healthy, revitalized skin are universal, simple and quick: in just a few minutes, your skin is ready to face the day and to regenerate itself during the night!

1. Cleansing: with a product suitable for your skin type that is gentle on the skin’s natural protective barrier. Choose cleansers that are also toners. This makes the skin more receptive to daily skin care products.

2. Targeted action: Highly concentrated serums have the primary role of targeting your most important concerns.

3. Hydration and Anti-Aging: restoring or maintaining maximum skin hydration is the first anti-aging step for your skin. The effectiveness of an anti-aging cream is identified by its composition of moisturizing agents and effective anti-aging ingredients, often free of “useless” ingredients such as silicones and mineral oils.

4. Exfoliation: once or twice a week to refine the skin’s texture, remove impurities and stimulate cell regeneration.

5. Detoxification: once a week, by applying a mask made of purifying and soothing clays combined with other active ingredients such as antioxidants and moisturizing agents.

SkinCeuticals and Functionalab: two product lines, one approach, high performance

You are probably familiar with our exclusive Canadian Functionalab line, which has been used for many years in our treatments and which we recommend in our boutiques – both in clinics and online.

Always on the lookout for the most innovative products to accompany you on your health and beauty journey, we complement our professional product offering with SkinCeuticals to broaden your range of customized solutions!

A few highlights of our topical products:

1. Holistic approach to skin care: skin health and beauty are linked. That is why Functionalab and SkinCeuticals act at the different stages of the skin aging process, in prevention, correction and protection.

2. High quality products: the formulas are developed by teams of expert skin health scientists and are highly concentrated in active ingredients. A list of unnecessary ingredients has been created in order to guarantee the purity, efficacy and excellent skin tolerance of each product.

3. Proven results: The result of years of research, Functionalab and SkinCeuticals cosmeceuticals offer proven results thanks to their innovative ingredients and patented formulas.

Our favourites

– Antioxidants, which protect against free radicals and provide other anti-aging benefits:

› reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots
› smooth wrinkles and help firm the skin

Functionalab Ellagic C+ Serum

SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E Night Serum

– Anti-aging creams, which strengthen the natural protective barrier:

› reduce the appearance of wrinkles
› deeply moisturize and improve the skin’s radiance

Functionalab Intense Hydration

SkinCeuticals Metacell Renewal B3

– Our bonus: Nutricosmetics, which support the production of collagen

› strengthen the skin’s elasticity and firmness
› improve the complexion’s radiance

Functionalab Collagen Formula

Do you want to create or enhance your skincare routine? Make an appointment for a complimentary consultation! 1 877 252 0293

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