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No more under-eye bags!

April 30, 2018

Rejuvenating injections

An eye for beauty

Hyaluronic acid injections for the dark circles under the eyes revitalize and rejuvenate your look in just a single session. That’s it! How can this be?

The origins of these dark circles
With age, the skin cells become increasingly bad at producing hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for much of the volume of the face, particularly around the lips and the cheekbones. The face thus starts to sag over time: the subcutaneous fat between the bone and the skin “melts” while the skin droops. This loss of volume hardens the features and especially affects the lower eyelids, which sag and give a tired look to your face. To rejuvenate your look, synthetic hyaluronic acid can be injected under the skin.

The advantages of hyaluronic acid
Filling products are more suitable than a surgical operation for giving volume back to the face, since they’re naturally present in the body. The treatment is therefore very safe and in harmony with the complex mechanisms of the human body.

Hyaluronic acid is the ideal substance, since it’s extremely hydrophilic: it can absorb up to a thousand times its weight! By attracting water, it therefore maintains the hydration of the dermis over time. When injecting into the delicate area under the eye, a particularly weakly articulated molecule is chosen to allow for a natural result. Sometimes enriched with vitamins and minerals, its composition helps nourish the skin and slightly improve the appearance of the dark circles under the eyes.

Only in the hands of an expert
Only experienced medical specialists are authorized to administer this treatment, since the skin of the face is fragile, especially around the eyes. In addition, the slightest error in dosage can form a bag under the eye.

This dosage is always determined on an individual basis, since needs differ according to the patient. Several criteria such as age, genetics, and the nature of the skin may be considered in order to calculate – down to the nearest tenth of a millilitre – the amount of the product necessary for optimal results.

What happens during the session?
The hyaluronic acid injection into the dark circles under the eyes is practically painless, and the session only takes thirty minutes. First, we take a picture of your face as a reference for your file, to compare the changes and to give you a clear idea of the areas targeted by the injections.

To begin, we remove the makeup from your eyes and disinfect the eyelids. We then apply a lidocaine-based anaesthetic gel to desensitize the skin receiving the injections. Inform yourself before making an appointment; some clinics don’t always do this.

Then, very precisely, the doctor injects the volumizer between the skin and the bone using microcannulas with rounded tips or a small needle, depending on the technique favoured by the doctor, then lets it gradually build up around the surrounding area. The injection must be well controlled to avoid excess filling. The results are visible immediately!

And after?
Most patients return almost immediately to their usual activities after the session. Over the following days, redness, slight swelling, or small bruises may appear, but will disappear on their own. A follow-up appointment can be made after a month, if necessary, to check the need for a touch-up.

Hyaluronic acid injections are the most effective technique on the aesthetic market for filling in the dark circles under the eyes. They offer immediate natural results that last up to 12 months, require no recovery time, cause no side effects, and are totally painless. Rejuvenating your look has never been easier!

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