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Improve the appearance of a double chin

November 8, 2021



Also known as submental fat, a double chin occurs when several layers of fat form on the chin. While this type of fat is extremely difficult to eliminate naturally, there are solutions to improve its appearance. Find out what they are!

What is a double chin?

The term double chin generally refers to the presence of a roundness under the chin that results in a loss of angle and definition between the lower face and the neck. “Patients often complain of having a heavy, drooping neck,” explains Dr. Tremblay, dermatologist at Dermapure.

What causes a double chin?

In general, a “true” double chin is caused by a localized accumulation of fat under the skin in the neck area and under the chin. It is not uncommon to find a hereditary tendency in families with this type of profile. The severity of the condition is often related to weight and is particularly present in overweight people, but it can also occur in individuals with a healthy weight. Also, it is generally observed that when weight is lost, the appearance of the double chin improves only slightly. Unfortunately, it is a “lazy” fat that is not easily removed, despite best efforts.

Several conditions in the neck anatomy can cause what Dr. Tremblay calls a “false” double chin:

– Loose skin
– Looseness of the neck muscle called platysma
– The presence of a receding chin
– An advanced position of the laryngeal cartilage in front of the neck.

How can the appearance of a double chin be improved?

For patients with a receding chin, chin augmentation with injections (Belkyra) can greatly improve the profile of the face and neck. In addition, in the case of mild skin laxity, certain laser or radiofrequency techniques (without surgery) can also improve the appearance of the neck.


The Belkyra treatment is a non-surgical, permanent treatment for double chins that improves the appearance of the area under the chin and neck.

What is the Belkyra treatment?

This treatment targets fat under the chin through micro-injections of Belkyra (deoxycholic acid) that refines and improves the contour of the under-chin area. Belkyra treatments last approximately 20 minutes and are personalized according to the patient’s goals and medical recommendations.

Who is Belkyra for?

Belkyra is designed for patients with cases of mild to moderate double chin.

How does Belkyra work?

The drug dissolves subcutaneous fat and induces its gradual elimination in a natural and permanent way. It also tightens the skin, providing more definition and tone to the skin.

What side effects can I expect with Belkyra?

Side effects such as redness, swelling, small bruises and sensitive or numb skin are generally mild and temporary.

How long can I enjoy the benefits of Belkyra?

Results will appear gradually over a period of four to six weeks. The benefits of the treatment are considered permanent.

How many Belkyra sessions are required?

One to four sessions are required depending on the severity of the condition.

To learn more about Belkyra and to find out which Dermapure clinics offer the treatment click here.

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