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Is Thermage safe and effective for the body and face?

August 20, 2017



If you desire a younger looking and more toned skin with little downtime and great results, give a Thermage® treatment a try. Find out why this unique radiofrequency treatment is increasing in popularity among celebrities.   

1. No Needles
There’s no shame in admitting you’re afraid of getting poked with needles – that’s totally understandable! Plenty of people avoid anti-aging treatments such as Botox® Cosmetic injection because of their fear of injections. Thermage® technology does not use any needles and is completely  non-invasive. This state of the art technology combines  radiofrequency energy pulses with heating and cooling effects, to  target  collagen in the skin. Results include reduced  wrinkles, tighter  skin, and a reduction to  the appearance of cellulite.

Some patients may feel discomfort on certain areas as a result of  the heat from the applicator. However, our experienced clinicians continuously monitor the patient’s comfort level and adjust the settings accordingly.  A liquid gel is also applied to soothe, cool and protect your skin. 

2. No Recovery Time
With virtually no recovery time, there’s no need to bring out the oversized sunglasses, or to tell anyone your  anti-aging  secrets…  You can return to your regular activities immediately after!

3. Long Lasting Results
The results of Thermage® treatment are impressive. Just one 2.5-hour treatment, can have long lasting results. For some  patients,  the results appear gradually in the  two to six months following a session. We recommend maintaining results by booking a Thermage® once a year or every two years thereafter.

4. Affordable
This treatment is growing in popularity because it is relatively affordable when compared to alternatives such as face lift  surgery or other competing treatments. Furthermore, when you consider the  the long lasting effects, there are few treatments out there that can compete with the overall value!

5. Entire Body Treatment
Aging affects our entire body, not just the face. Thankfully, Thermage treats the entire face, upper and lower eyelids, arms, abdomen, thighs and buttocks to firm up the skin. It is also effective in improving in the appearance of mild to moderate cellulite.

6. Minimal Risk of Side Effects
Some might question the risks associated with receiving Thermage® treatment and this is where this procedure really shines. In addition to it being Healht Canada approved, the side effects are very rare and the few that have been reported are very mild in nature including  redness and swelling, typically fading away after a few hours. No long term negative side effects have ever been reported.

Thermage® is a well known and established technology that has been in the market for over a decade. Today it is considered one of the most competitive non-invasive anti-aging treatment available on the market. Moreover, Thermage has been recognized by the New Beauty Magazine as the number 1 treatment for addressing firmness.

Still not convinced about Thermage’s effectiveness ? Our consultants will assess your skin condition and take your before and after photo so you can see results for yourself. Book a complimentary consultation through our website today and learn how you can slow the effects of time.

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