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Make a CoolSculpting resolution for the new year!

December 22, 2017



The new year is finally here and resolutions are high on your list—or at least on your list of good intentions for a healthier lifestyle. If getting back into good physical condition is an all-too-familiar impulse this time of year, it may be time for plan B. While working out and eating healthy are essential for your beauty wellbeing, there’s no harm in a little help along the way. Have you heard of CoolSculpting®?

Play it cool with cryolipolysis
No doubt you’ve done your research and have come to learn that there are several non-surgical technologies on the market that improve body contours ! Before making a final decision, be sure that your investment is a worthwhile one which translates into permanent results. That’s because a basic reduction of the adipose cell is often not enough: for lasting results, both the cell’s content and structure must be destroyed! Our choice? CoolSculpting® and its cryolipolysis (controlled cooling) technique!

6 reasons to adopt CoolSculpting®  

Over the years, CoolSculpting® has undergone extensive research at Harvard University by Dr. R. Rox Anderson, a leading pioneer in laser treatments. The technology is based on the principle of cryolipolysis, which is the process by which fat cells are destroyed using controlled cooling (freezing).

When adipose cells in the treatment area are cooled, they cause the fats they contain to crystalize and die off, and to be eliminated through the body’s natural pathways. Visible results are observed from eight to sixteen weeks following the treatment and can be maintained as part of a healthy lifestyle.

With a wide range of available applicators, nearly all parts of the body can be treated with CoolSculpting®—so it’s also perfectly suited for all silhouette types!
Abdomen, love handles, arms, inner thighs, outer thighs back, inner knees, pectorals, chin and more!

No anesthetics or incisions are involved during a CoolSculpting® treatment, and there’s no downtime. In fact, this non-invasive treatment lets you get back to your daily routine right away… easy come, easy go!

CoolSculpting® is approved by Health Canada. To date, more than 5 million treatments have been performed around the world.

Imagine treating your love handles on your lunch break! Thanks to the new CoolAdvantage applicators, you can! 30 minutes per side is all the time you need, and a single session per treatment zone is normally enough—depending on your goals, however, you can always come back for a second or third session to sculpt your way to perfection!

See more results in less time at Dermapure
The ability to target a higher percentage of fat cells is what Dermapure now offers with its ZWave technology,  which replaces our manual post-treatment massage. This quick treatment delivers six minutes of pain-free shockwaves and pressure pulses that destroy the adipose fat cells that have been weakened—but not fully destroyed—during a CoolSculpting® session, and increases fat loss in the treatment area from 22 to 28% on average.

Ready to sculpt your silhouette? Now’s the time to take care of what working out can’t… or simply feel better in your outfits by calling one of our experts for a free evaluation. We’ll recommend a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals.

Dermapure is the #1 medical aesthetics clinic for the number of CoolSculpting® treatments performed in Quebec this year. You’re always in good hands with us!

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