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NEW treatment feature – BBL HERO® at Dermapure Kelowna

April 16, 2021


Traitement BBL Hero à Kelowna

With the sunniest months of the year just around the corner here in Kelowna, now is the best time to address unwanted pigment, sun damage and age spots. 

BroadBand Light (BBL)® has been our go-to treatment to remove spots and even out skin tone on the face, neck and chest. With the addition of the BBL HERO® treatment, we can now revitalize the skin on the body as well as the face ! This treatment improves the skin’s appearance anywhere on the body – including arms, legs, chest, shoulders and beyond – with shorter, more convenient treatment times. 

Curious to learn more? Read on for the most Frequently Asked Questions on this exciting new treatment:

How does it work?

The BBL HERO® treatment, uses intense pulsed light to target the pigment within the skin. It flashes specialized light as it is quickly moved across the treatment area. The pigment is initially darkened, helping you know that you had an optimal treatment. Within the next several days, your body’s natural healing process will remove the pigmented cells and replace them with fresh, new, undamaged cells. 

How comfortable is the treatment?

Each flash of the light produces a feeling of warmth. Most patients easily tolerate the feeling without needing any anesthetic numbing cream. 

How long does it take to see results?

This can vary depending on the individual, the area being treated, and the settings used. However, most patients see results in 2-4 weeks.

What is the post care?

It is important that you wear a physical barrier sunscreen, clothing, and limit your sun exposure after your treatment. 

How many treatments will I need?

You will see results from a single treatment, and we typically recommend 1-2 treatments to start, followed by maintenance treatments 1-2 times per year. We recommend you book a personalized consultation with our team to determine the best treatment plan for you! 

So, before the layers come off, we must ask: why stop at the face ? Now your body can look just as radiant!

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