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Ulthera®: what are the advantages?

November 25, 2016


Ulthéra MD

The mirror is generally a good indicator of the effects of aging on our skin. Once we’re over forty, it quite clearly shows us the loss of collagen inherent to the years that we’ve accumulated. You then notice that your skin is sagging, that its firmness is becoming less and less visible, particularly by the sagging of your eyelids, the loose skin under your chin, and the wrinkling on your neck and chest. Ultherapy treatment is the only effective technology on the market that offers a non-surgical facelift to rejuvenate your skin. Let’s discover its multiple advantages together.

Ulthera® technology in a few words
The Ulthera® treatment uses a technology based on micro-focused ultrasonic waves that target the layers of the epidermis to a depth of 1.5, 3, or 4.5 mm. Generated at the same depth as a surgical facelift, this action creates several subcutaneous attachment points that have a tightening effect on the skin in addition to stimulating collagen synthesis.

The only treatment recognized as a non-surgical facelift
Ulthera® offers a safe and proven skin rejuvenation procedure. After several years of medical research and clinical studies in California, the technology received the seal of the FDA and approval from Health Canada. Some cosmetic surgeons in the United States even use this platform in their offices for patients who aren’t candidates for surgery, but who still want a lifting effect.

A fast treatment without forced downtime
Depending on the area to be treated, an ultherapy treatment can last from 30 to 90 minutes. No immobilization necessary; you can even fit your clinical appointment into your work day. At Dermapure, we do everything to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. The sensation of heat and tension may be intense in certain areas, and we recommend taking both Advil and Tylenol tablets to alleviate the feelings of discomfort. Once the session is over, your skin doesn’t show any redness; however, sensitivity, swelling, and bruising may occur over the next few days.

A non-invasive technology
A surgical facelift is a very serious operation, which includes significant anaesthesia and direct action on the surface of the skin, and which is accompanied by pain, scarring, and resulting immobilization. Ultherapy, meanwhile, is a more natural choice that relies on the body’s abilities to heal itself. In effect, the action of the ultrasonic waves on the tissues causes a natural reconstruction and regeneration process – much like physical exertion causes in the muscle tissues during weightlifting sessions, for example. The internal tissue damage stimulates the rejuvenation process in the cutaneous and subcutaneous structures. Thanks to the ultrasound module, it’s possible to work precisely and in depth.

Ulthera®: consistent results
The natural healing process of the skin tissues, caused by the activation of the collagen production, leads to visible, ongoing results, and you’ll therefore have to wait a few months before noticing a significant change in your reflection in the mirror. Ulthera® is intended as a corrective treatment that should be repeated every two years to maintain the optimal skin condition that was achieved.

Fast, non-invasive, approved by the health authorities, and offering truly long-lasting results, Ulthera® rejuvenation technology deserves to be considered! Want to learn more? Ask our consultants!

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