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Why should you choose hyaluronic acid injections for the face?

February 21, 2017

Rejuvenating injections

injection neuromodulateurs deroulement

Thanks to hyaluronic acid injections for the face, quickly achieving a fresh new look is now accessible to everyone. In 2016, surgical facelifts are no longer necessary to look 5 to 10 years younger. Why might this procedure be ideal for you? Read on!

The safest product in aesthetics
After collagen and the botulinic toxin, aesthetic medicine now offers a reliable filling product that offers often impressive results to combat the effects of aging. Hyaluronic acid has incredible moisturizing properties that make it possible to practice advanced injection techniques.

A natural and resorbable substance
When it comes to cosmetic procedures, we tend to shy away from introducing foreign substances into the body, for fear of side effects or because the results achieved aren’t natural.
Fortunately, that’s not the case with hyaluronic acid injections for the face, since it’s a molecule already present in our body, which produces around 5 g of it per day to renew the skin cells. The injectable gel is synthesized from cultures of microorganisms that make up the hyaluronic acid molecule. Once injected, it naturally mixes with the hyaluronic acid in the dermis, thus reducing any risk of rejection or allergy. It also naturally breaks down in the body after a while.

Our philosophy is offering natural and visible results
Hyaluronic acid is very malleable: you just have to properly adjust the dosage to achieve optimal results. For a natural effect, therefore, the injected dose will be adjusted to the nearest tenth of a millilitre to respect the morphology of the face and avoid the “hypercorrection” effect. Afterwards, it will be possible to maintain the achieved visual effect by renewing the injections every 12 or 18 months. The amount of hyaluronic acid to be injected will then be reduced.

Intense moisturizing effect
Due to the effects of aging, the skin becomes brittle, thin, and dry. That’s why mature skin requires more care. Besides allowing hollows and deep wrinkles to be filled, hyaluronic acid has the advantage of promoting hydration deep within the skin thanks to its water retention ability.

The treatment is of course carried out by injection, using a fine needle or cannula, depending on the technique preferred by the treating physician. At Dermapure, to make the session as comfortable as possible for our patients, we use an anaesthetic gel that we apply a few minutes before the injections to the areas that will be treated. The skin is thus desensitized during the treatment and the patient doesn’t feel anything at the injection points.

A multitude of possibilities
Since the discovery of this molecule 20 years ago, many injection techniques have been developed, particularly to:

• reduce fine lines and wrinkles: wrinkles in the corners of the mouth, nasolabial furrows, the contour of the mouth, and the dark circles under the eyes;
• compensate for loss of volume: with age, the skin on the face tends to sag and lose volume around the temples, the cheekbones, the chin, and the cheeks. You can choose to fill an isolated area or opt for the non-surgical Soft Lift technique to rejuvenate your entire face;
• redraw the lips: its volumizing effect helps reshape the contour of the lips, to make them more plump or symmetrical while moisturizing them;
• fill deep scars left by acne and other conditions;
• reshape the nose (bumps, tip, hollows) or improve the results of a surgical rhinoplasty;
• fill the chin fold or correct its receding appearance.

Immediate visible effects
Whether it’s filling wrinkles, increasing volume, or other treatments, the results will be visible as soon as the session is over. These results will continue to improve over the next few days as the hyaluronic acid is absorbed by the body.

Whatever your condition and the effects of aging on your skin are, hyaluronic acid might be the solution to consider to take years off your appearance. Don’t hesitate to ask one of our consultants for advice!

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