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9 things to avoid for an optimized beauty routine

July 6, 2021


Geste à éviter pour une routine beauté optimisée

Repeated actions, well anchored in our day and often unconscious, are what we call habits. Are your beauty rituals optimal? And what if changing simple everyday actions could make a big difference?

Here are 9 common things to avoid if you want to maximize your beauty efforts.

1. Placing your serum’s ” dropper ” directly on the skin of your face

Did you know that you should avoid placing your transfer dropper directly on your skin? The glass tip could transmit bacteria from your face to your product.

In fact, you should always avoid touching your face unnecessarily. And for everything else, make sure you frequently wash and disinfect makeup brushes, sponges, makeup removal pads, bedding, etc…

2. Never disinfecting your cell phone

disinfecting wipes on your screen every day could save you from many pimples and impurities.

Besides, with all that screen time, have you noticed horizontal lines forming on your neck? Learn more about tech neck wrinkles in this article)

3. Over-exfoliating your skin

As the exfoliation step has increased in popularity in the last few years, a tendency to over-exfoliate has been observed, especially in oily or acne-prone skin. Beware: over-exfoliating your skin creates the opposite effect of the one you want, as your skin regenerates its sebum more quickly to make up for its lack of hydration.

Choose a professional grade exfoliator and repeat this step 1 to 3 times a week.

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4. Saving SPF for the beach

“But it’s cloudy!”… SPF is non-negotiable, every time you go outside, summer or winter!

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5. Using moisturizer at night only

Morning and night, it is essential to finish your routine with a moisturizer, regardless of your skin type! If you find your moisturizer too rich, switch to a lighter version or a moisturizing serum like CODE.

What is CODE?

6. Using your products in the wrong order

Some makeup trends, heavily influenced by social media, would lead us to believe that reversing the order of products (for example, applying foundation before moisturizer) would be a good idea. However, there are obvious reasons for the order, such as penetrating the skin to maximize the effectiveness of the ingredients. For a healthy routine, certain steps should always be followed in order.

Read more: Back to Basics: Skincare (what we should use and when).

7. Popping your pimples

We know… it’s tempting to play with your pimples. But try to avoid touching them: not only will you prevent the spread of bacteria, but you will also avoid causing unwanted redness and ultimately leaving scars. 

8. Going to bed with makeup or uncleaned skin

If there’s one piece of advice every beauty professional will give you without question, it’s this! It’s just a few minutes that will make all the difference.

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9. Taking hot showers

Hot water can affect the hydrolipid film, which is the skin’s natural protective barrier. Very hot water can cause sensitivity and even dryness. For optimal radiance, shower under lukewarm water and rinse quickly with cold water to tone the skin! 

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