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Beauty journey of blogger and artist Katrina Olson

October 8, 2021


Photo Credit Eluvier Acosta

Katrina Olson is a fashion blogger and one of our precious ambassadors at Dermapure Calgary. Advocate for the arts who has become a social media influencer and cultural curator, her unique fine art viewpoint and personal style sets her apart in the fashion and film landscape.

A university educated and practicing artist, her adoration for the arts covers all forms, from classics, to fashion, street art to the silver screen. Katrina has made it her business to connect all things art related. Katrina is the Co-Founder of the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival (CANIFFF).

Katrina was named best dressed in the Globe and Mail 2019

Dermapure interviewed her and drew her beauty portrait.

Dermapure : Katrina, you are a multidisciplinary woman, a mother and a pioneer in your field. What does a day in your life look like?  

Katrina: I wish I could make this sound glamorous but it really isn’t. I wake up, look at my phone and check all my notifications, then check all my clients social media accounts. I get out of bed, brush my teeth, wash my face followed by applying my serum and moisturizer. I then try to consume espresso as fast as humanly possible. 

I take my dogs out, wake my kids and pack their lunches. I listen to all the daily news updates on my alexa device while I wait for my kids to be ready, then I drive them to school.

My day then consists of meeting with my clients, answering emails and creating social media content either for my own account and/or my clients accounts. I love creating and am always looking for inspiration online or IRL.

I try to do at least one workout (usually a peloton ride or weight training) and one long dog-walk throughout the day, where I listen to podcasts.

Pick up my kids from school, make them something to eat for dinner before their sports in the evening. One daughter plays soccer and the other basketball so my husband and I decide who will be driving each kid. After sports it’s homework and bedtime. 

I try to make time for a dinner or events with friends once a week, otherwise the time passes so quickly and it is easy to lose touch with people in this pandemic world.

Dermapure : Your colorful makeup looks seem to be a bit of a signature. But what we see the most is your beautiful skin! Can you tell us a little bit about your skin journey through the years, has your skin always been this healthy? 

Katrina: Awe, thank you! I was so grateful to be introduced to Dermapure and Functionalab Products, which I feel has made a huge difference in my skin health. My skin journey has been rocky I would say. I have been a sunscreen fanatic from what I consider to be a younger age. My skin had always been very fair which made me easily susceptible to sunstroke and burning as a child. As a result, I keep out of the sun, wear a hat on days I can’t avoid it and wear sunscreen religiously. I am glad I did this because I feel it has prevented premature aging caused by UVA rays. 

My skin has always been prone to acne and breakouts unfortunately, but more so in my mid to late thirties. I was told the breakouts were hormone and stress related, but they all seemed to be either on my chin or jaw line and started to leave scars.

A few years ago I was on accutane for the breakouts. My skin was immaculate while I was on the accutane, but the breakouts resumed as soon as I went off it.

I definitely don’t feel like my breakouts have ever been as bad or cystic again since taking the accutane, but exfoliation and Dermapure treatments have become so important now in ensuring that future breakouts are treated immediately and don’t scar my skin again. 

Dermapure : As for your beauty routine, what steps does it involve?

Katrina: My beauty routine involves something I saw JLo talking about during an interview and thought it was great so implemented it myself: It starts with positive affirmations (ie. I am healthy, I am youthful, I am grateful for this life…etc.)

Beauty really starts from the inside out and by affirming these things while breathing deeply, it changes your mindset for the day or night. I find wearing makeup makes me feel good, but since the pandemic started, I don’t wear makeup everyday anymore. Especially not on the days I work from home. It has been a real luxury to give my skin a break from makeup and I definitely have less breakouts as a result.

I love to do my nightly skincare routine in my bath at night. I cleanse, exfoliate, then serum and moisturizer followed by using a rose quartz gua sha a friend gifted me. I feel the light massage with either my fingers or gua sha helps to relax the muscles in my face and feels so nice. 

Dermapure : How do you manage to take care of yourself despite your busy schedule?

Katrina: I make me-time a priority. It doesn’t always happen because work and family obligations sometimes don’t allow me time for it. But I do my best to take at least 1 hour to myself a day to walk or exercise. My winddown routine before bed involves a hot epsom salt bath which allows me to soak away sore muscles and clear my head before sleeping.This is again where I do my nightly skincare routine. I sometimes watch shows on my ipad in the bath or listen to music. I really look forward to this little luxury at the end of the day.

Dermapure : If you could describe your beauty philosophy in one sentence, how would you describe it?

Katrina: You can only look as good as you feel. So make feeling good your highest priority and treat yourself with love in everything you do.

Dermapure : The one beauty essential you can’t live without? 

Katrina: Moisturizer and mascara. Alberta is SO dry and my lashes are naturally blonde so I need mascara.

Dermapure : Favorite treatment at Dermapure?

Katrina: The BELA MD Treatment. The gentle microdermabrasion with a serum infusion followed by a mask and extractions feels so amazing. It is luxurious, relaxing and left me glowing for days. I loved how supple and fresh my skin looked following this treatment.

Dermapure : The Functionalab product you recommend to all your friends? 

Katrina:  The Collagen Infusion lip plumping serum. I am addicted to this and apply it all day long. Also the Intense Hydration anti-aging cream for the face. My skin drinks this moisturizer up so quickly and I love the way my skin feels after the application. 

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Photo Credit Eluvier Acosta

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