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Our best tips to reach your summer body goals

April 22, 2021


Best tips for a summer body

You’ve probably already heard the expression “get your summer body ready” which refers to preparing your figure for summer so that you feel good in a swimsuit by the pool or at the beach. But we wanted to go beyond this unnecessary pressure that many women put on themselves when the good weather approaches.

What if, this summer, we focused on several small gestures that make us feel good about ourselves? Let’s stop imagining that our stomachs shouldn’t fold when we sit down and that our stretch marks should miraculously disappear. Let’s take concrete actions that can improve our well-being first, the rest will follow!

So here are our tips for a healthy body and mind as the summer season approaches:

1 | Be active every day, in order to feel good

Without setting any expectations or unrealistic goals to achieve, taking about 30 minutes a day to devote to yourself makes a big difference in our overall well-being! Whether it’s a walk outside, improvised dancing in the living room, stretching, yoga, or more intense physical activity, take a moment to move your body. It will thank you in its own way!

2 | Take care of your skin

We often put a lot of importance on our facial skin, sometimes forgetting to pay attention to the skin on the rest of our body. And yet, it is just as important! Here are our favorite products to unify and tone the skin of your body:

Functionalab’s Retexturing Body Cream, to improve the texture and elasticity of the skin, retain and prolong skin hydration as well as nourish, smooth and soften it.

Functionalab Gel Body Toner, we love it for reducing fatty deposits, reducing water retention, increasing skin firmness and slowing the formation of cellulite (storage of adipocytes)

3 | Drink lots of water

We keep saying it over and over, but it really makes a huge difference! Drinking 2 to 3 liters of water per day (this may vary, depending on different factors as well as the water already present in your diet), will have a real impact on the quality of your skin, on your energy as well as on your feeling of well-being.

4 | Visit your Dermapure clinic to explore the different treatments offered

Who said a little extra push is not allowed?! Various services offered in the clinic can help you achieve your goals, at your own pace, naturally and without surgery.

In fact, our CoolSculpting consultation week is currently happening, and you could take advantage of various benefits and discounts in clinic to define your silhouette with no downtime. Contact us for more details!

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