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Reveal glowing skin with Clear+Brilliant®!

November 16, 2021


Acne scars, dilated pores, dull complexion, uneven skin tone: the various fractional lasers on the market can address a variety of concerns on different levels. While some lasers require a recovery time of several days, others allow you to resume your activities immediately. Here we tell you more about the gentlest of them all: the Clear+Brilliant®!

Fractional Laser 101

Used for more than 15 years in aesthetic medicine, fractional lasers have been proven to be very effective on treating various skin problems such as spots and texture. We use the term fractional because only a predetermined part of the skin is targeted during the treatment, generally leaving more than three-quarters of the skin surface intact. Although there is a variety of fractional ablative lasers used at Dermapure, such as the C02 and the ProFractionalTM and non-ablative lasers, such as the Fraxel®, the basic principle remains the same: these lasers create precisely spaced microperforations in the skin at specific depths to trigger its self-healing mechanism. New epidermal cells are thus created, giving the skin a beautiful luminosity and uniformity.

Types of fractional lasers are categorized according to different parameters such as power, wavelength, warm-up time, depth, and degree of coagulation. Depending on the technology chosen, the recovery time will vary significantly. As the impact of the treatment is greater for an ablative type of laser, slight bleeding and oozing, swelling of varying degrees, sunburn-like redness, burning sensation are to be expected. With a down time lasting a minimum of 7 to 10 days, this type of laser treatment, as effective as it is, must be planned and well thought out.

Clear+Brilliant® : a gentle alternative

Preserving the epidermal barrier by using shorter wavelengths (1440 to 1927 nanometers), non-ablative fractional laser Clear+Brilliant is a gentle alternative to more powerful lasers. Although considered less aggressive, this type of laser is very effective to treat various conditions such as pigment spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and acne scars. This mini laser comes in 2 treatment options targeting different concerns. Perméa, with shorter wavelengths, works on overall skin tone uniformity while the original Clear+Brilliant, with slightly longer wavelengths, goes deeper and works on the early signs of skin aging. One of the advantages of these treatments is that they require no recovery time, allowing you to resume your activities immediately.


Suitable for all skin types: unlike ablative or hybrid fractional lasers that pose a risk of hyperpigmentation on patients with deeper complexions, Clear+Brilliant® is suitable for all skin types.

Series of treatment is highly recommended: while a single treatment can provide a visible effect on the overall appearance of skin tone, a course of three to six sessions spaced two to four weeks apart will give optimal results.

• Comfortable treatment: an anesthetic gel can be applied to the skin beforehand to make the treatment more comfortable and practically painless.

• Express session: a session takes about an hour, and you can even go back to work right away!

• No recovery time: besides a possible minor swelling and a sunburn-like redness lasting only a few hours, there is no post-treatment downtime. No major inflammation or formation of small scabs are to be expected. In the days following the treatment, the skin may appear to have a slightly rough sandpapery texture, but the small dead skin cells will eventually peel off on their own.

• Safe: this laser, like all technologies used at Dermapure, is approved by Health Canada. The treatment is performed by a trained and experienced technician.

• Affordablethis type of treatment allows you to improve the appearance and health of your skin at a lower cost than ablative lasers. Learn more about our different offers.

Remember, a Dermapure skin consultation is always free! Make an appointment at your preferred clinic to speak with one of our consultants and determine if Clear+Brilliant® is right for you.

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